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Opening games for the mighty Owls

Caitlin WilliamsonSpecial to the Southern News

Another school year comes along with another fall season of our mighty Southern Owls. This Saturday marks the beginning of the 2013-2014 fall sport seasons. For our seniors at Southern, this marks the end of their four years of hard work and preparation for their futures.

Southern’s Field Hockey team will open their season with a game Saturday, Sept. 7, against Mansfield. They ended their last season with a victorious eight games, as well as qualifying for the Northeast-10 Conference. Meghan Lahm, senior and captain of Southern’s field hockey team, answered a few questions about the upcoming season for these mighty Owls.


How has the team prepared for their first game?

“We have had two scrimmages during preseason against two great teams. The speed and competition on the field was a great chance for our new-coming players to see what this year would be like. We have also spent a lot of time together off the field, which I feel leads to great overall team dynamic.”

What is the most important thing you feel a team should have?

“I believe a team needs trust and determination. You have to be able to trust that your teammates will be running to the right space for a ball, or defensively have your back. You also need to trust that every member of the team is as focused and determined as you are, otherwise you will fail as a unit.”

Any first game rituals, individual and/or team wise?

“The team prepares the same way for every game. We like to warm up as we are in the game already. Before the start of the game we huddle up and say a special cheer that only the team knows about. Individually, I am a very mental person. I need to visualize myself playing and understand what my job is, before I am on the field. I also exchanged a special handshake with my center back, my best friend and I give my goalie a pep talk.”

How do you feel about the team you’re competing against?

“Our first home game will be played against American International College. In my mind, every team we compete against is equal. There is no team that is better than any other in our conference.  It all comes down to who wants it more, and I know my team wants to win.”

Where is the game going to be so our Owl community can come watch and support? What time?

“We open up against AIC on Sept. 17 at 7 p.m. Home games are played at Jess Dow Field, on the turf. Come support!”

This is your senior year. How do you feel the team has come along and where the teams conditions stands?

“Many emotions come to me when I think about this being my last year as an owl. Throughout my career, I have learned a great deal from my coaches and teammates. As an upperclassman, I look after my teammates like sisters. I try to pass my knowledge along to the team so that we can grow as individual field hockey players and in turn, as a group. We continue throughout the season to develop, and as our coach always says, “Good is never good enough.”

The sports teams here at Southern Connecticut works hard all year round to perform and succeed for their school. Come out this Saturday and support all the teams’ first games, and continue to support throughout the season! Go Owls and good luck to all of our seniors open gamers!

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