What’s the story with Tim Tebow?

Jennifer HofferSports Editor

Timmy Tebow. Don’t know who that is? Than you’ve been living under a rock for the past two years. Tebow has become the talk of the NFL ever since his immaculate playoff run with the Denver Broncos his rookie season.

With Tebow at the reins, the Broncos won their first AFC West title since 2005. Since then, Tebow has been a member of the New York Jets and the New England Patriots, a team he was recently cut from.

Unlike in 2011, Tebow was unsuccessful with the Jets receiving very little playtime. He was released from the Jets, picked up from by the Patriots this offseason, and cut again.

Before Tebow was the joke of the National Football League, he was the star student-athlete of the NCAA. Nothing but positives vibes came off people when Tim Tebow was talked about.

At the conclusion of his college career in 2009 had built himself a plethora of records over his four years as the Florida Gators quarterback.


He is ranked second in the NCAA Division I record book for career passing efficiency and ranked eighth in touchdowns. He was also the Heisman Trophy winner in 2007 and lead his team to a Sugar Bowl Championship win in 2010.

This success obviously did not stem off into his professional career as quarterback.

Now with his college career far behind him, Tebow patiently waits for teams to pick him up.

But there are talks around the league about Patriots head coach, Bill Belichick, possibly bringing Tebow back to the team.

Tom Brady and Ryan Mallett are the only active quarterbacks listed on the Patriots roster. And although the Patriots usually go into a season with two quarterbacks on the roster doesn’t mean the rumors of bringing back Tebow are false.

If anyone loves Tebow, it’s the Patriots owner, Robert Kraft. Kraft was disappointed that the Belichick did not hold on to Tebow. But Kraft said that he trusts what Belichick does with the team; still though, Kraft wanted him to make the roster.

“I love Tim Tebow and very much wanted him on the team,” Kraft said.


If the Patriots don’t bring Tebow back this may be his last shot to play on the NFL stage. But don’t count him out yet

Tebow has not only because of his horrible playing, but also because of his commitment to religion that he exerts when being interviewed and on the field.

There have been Tim Tebow parody twitter accounts created to poke even more fun at him.

Tebow has become a celebrity of the national football league. But, again he’s just a regular athlete who wants to play the game he loves just like any other athlete would.

If anything you have to give him kudos for being persistent and sticking to his dream of being an NFL player. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens next.


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