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Sammy Maximin spreading spiritual message on campus and beyond

Southern's very own Sammy Maximin

Josh FalconeGeneral Assignment Reporter

Musician Sammy Maximin’s eyes light up, a broad smile crosses his face and his voice is filled with a strong passion as he discusses the role his spiritual beliefs play in his music.

“My music is very spiritual and it’s used to help others,” Maximin said, “And some of my most memorable moments are the times that people come and tell me, ‘this song really touched me’ or ‘your performance really impacted my life.’”

Maximin went on to say that moments like that are the greatest for him personally.

“Those are the moments I cherish,” he said.

The Southern sophomore said he has been playing music since he was six, and that he started seriously performing four years ago when he was fifteen.

“It’s been an everyday grind,” he added.

Maximin calls Stratford home, and before coming to Southern last fall he attended the Canterbury Prep Boarding High School in New Milford and the Fairfield Country Day School.

In addition to singing and rapping, Maximin holds many additional titles: he plays both the piano and violin, produces his own music, and is a songwriter. Maximin has also acted and modeled since his youth, including roles in videos, movies, plays, and off Broadway productions.

Maximin performs and writes a wide range of musical genres, including Hip-Hop, Pop, R&B, and Dance.

Southern's very own Sammy Maximin
Southern’s very own Sammy Maximin

Maximin’s musical influences are just as broad genre wise. Some include Michael Jackson, Akon, Eminem, OneRepublic, David Guetta, and Jah Cure.

Though, Maximin said that since he is a Christian artist, God has and always will be his number one influence.

Maximin said that while God is his first and most important influence, he also draws inspiration from within as well as the numerous people he meets in his everyday life.

“My life,” he said, “Looking at others lives, because my music is sometimes a story.  So sometimes if I’m observing a person, and I feel what they are feeling, I will try and write something about that.”

Maximin said that those opportunities are extremely wonderful but that when it comes to creating his music that it comes from within.

“It’s mainly about self reflection,” he said.

Maximin’s music including the songs, “I Am Here,” “It’s OK,” and “Disappear” can be found on iTunes, his YouTube channel, and his Facebook page.

Though only in his sophomore year, Maximin has thought about and is already planning for his post-Southern career and said that his ultimate ambition after he graduates is to continue to create the strong spiritual comfort he has spread thus far.

“I want and hope to pursue music,” Maximin said.

Maximin is majoring in business finance and said his whole goal is to go as far as he can with the powerful music he has created. He said that he would like to travel the world and impact as many lives as he can, and that is what Maximin said is the most important objective he wants to obtain with his music.

Maximin said, “It’s really all about helping people.”

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