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Alex Rodriguez stuck in a pickle

Rodriguez after being hit while playing against the Red Sox.

Jen HofferSports Editor    

As if Alex Rodriguez didn’t have enough going on in his life right now. The milestones that the Major League Baseball slugger has achieved have been tainted; well, according to the fans.

A-Rod has been accused numerous times for the use of biogenesis steroids. But unlike normal players who have taken their suspensions as fit, Rodriguez has to make it interesting and appeal the suspensions, which yes, allows him the eligibility to play again.

But the once known young talented baseball player is now known a cheater.

But, hey. Then again, it’s A-rod.

He has survived scrutiny, boos, rumors and bad publicity ever since he has signed with the New York Yankees organization in 2004.

The man seems to be used to the pressure and has handled being in the spotlight in New York City pretty damn well.

The response he gave one of the reporters after his first return to Fenway Park since the steroid accusations sums up his personality and his ability to stay cool and collected under pressure.

“I’m the wrong guy to be asking about suspensions,” Rodriguez said. “Holy mackerel.”

This was Rodriguez’s response on whether Red Sox pitcher Ryan Dempster should be suspended for hitting him after throwing, what looked to be, three intentional pitches nearly hitting him, before actually hitting A-Rod with a pitch to the elbow.

Rodriguez after being hit while playing against the Red Sox.
Rodriguez after being hit while playing against the Red Sox.

A rowdy Fenway crowd was quickly silenced by the home run by Rodriguez off Dempster in the top of the sixth inning, which cut the Red Sox lead down to two. The home run by A-Rod started a rally going with the Yankees offense as they would go on to load the bases later in the inning.

Brett Gardner would give the Yankees the lead lacing a triple to the right field wall, as all three runs scored.

Some may have thought the Yankees would falter even more with the return of Rodriguez, but in fact, it’s been quite the opposite. Since Rodriguez’s return on August 6th, the Yankees have won 8 of their last 11 games.

Could A-Rod be the answer the Yankees need to make a push to the playoffs? Yes, I believe with him back in the lineup, they can most definitely make a push. But sorry to say Yankee fans, there will be no Yankees in the 2013 playoffs.

There’s a whole month left of baseball and the Yankees are only 7.5 games back in the AL East standings. The Rays and Orioles are also competing for playoff spots. The Yankees have been anything but consistent this season, and that shows in their lineup cards day in and day out.

Ace pitcher C.C. Sabathia has been anything but an ace this season. His disappointing performances continue as giving up first inning runs has become some sort of ritual for him.

Rodriguez getting hit by a pitch.
Rodriguez getting hit by a pitch.

Phil Hughes seems like he needs to pitch in the Grand Canyon, hoping that’s the only place players can’t hit home runs. Old horse, Andy Pettitte, has been average this season. Hiroki Kuroda has been the only shining light for the Yankees.

With a struggling pitching roster, inconsistent lineup, and their captain, Derek Jeter, out, which he seems more and more likely to be for the rest of the season, I don’t see a playoff appearance in the Yankees future.

Here’s to rebuilding for the 2014 season.

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