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2013 football preview featuring Jacob Jablonski

After finishing the 2012 season with a 3-8 record, the football team looks to start this 2013 season differently with senior quarterback Jacob Jablonski at the reins.

Last year, Jablonski said, he was always trying to make the big plays out on the field.

“I was always forcing passes and making decisions that were more forced,” Jablonski said. “This year I just need to be able to manage the game and make the right decisions at the right times.”

Jablonski finished the 2012 campaign with ten touchdowns and nine interceptions.

He threw for a total of 1,675 yards.

To improve these stats, Jablonski said he is determined to sharpen his skills on making the right decisions quicker.

“I’ve been in the system for four years now,” Jablonski said. “I know everything. I know all my reads. I have to be able to go through my possessions faster.”

This year is all about the team, Jablonski emphasized. Conditioning as a team is one aspect of the team that has stuck out to Jablonski so far. The improved conditioning of the team has to do with the involvement of Navy Seal training everyday.

“We, as a team, are determined to not go through what we did last year,” Jablonski said. “We are truly committed to each other and that is the most important.”

All Jablonski is worried about is winning at practice and winning at games.

“If I take care of my piece of the pie, I put my team in a better chance of doing that,” Jablonski said.

There are 25 incoming freshman from the recruiting class. Eight of which are wide receivers that Jablonski seems to be very excited about.

“A few of these guys have a chance to strongly contribute to the team in all aspects of the game,” Jablonski said. “The receiving group is very talented and could greatly help our special teams game, along with the rest of our young skilled players.”

John Moscatel, junior running back, is a player Jablonski is looking forward to really working with the season.

“He has the heart of a soldier and is a true old schools workhorse,” Jablonski said. “He comes to practice everyday with one purpose and that is to get better than the day before.”


Moscatel sprained his ankle just six weeks into the season and was sidelined for the rest of the 2013 season.

“I’m hoping to stay healthy throughout the whole year to help be apart of what I think will be a big year for Southern football,” Moscatel said.

“Lack of confidence in the team last season and that is something, because of returning players, they have gained this year,” Moscatel said.

“Having players with a lot of experience, like Jablonski, makes it easier to be confident in ourselves,” Moscatel said.

Playing alongside Jablonski has been a pleasure for Moscatel, and he said he’s really looking forward to partnering up again with him this season.

“Jablonski is throwing the ball better than ever and I am thrilled to be lining up next to him this year,” Moscatel said.

CJ Staggers, senior wide receiver, said he is looking to be a leader for the team and stay focused on whatever it takes for the team to win games.

“Another leader is my fellow senior, and passing mate, Jablonki,” Staggers said. “JJ’s the kid who brings confidence and leadership to our offense and our whole team as well. He does not get down on wide receivers, like myself.”

Staggers said he encourages the guys to not let the missed play let them down and to go out there and just play the next play.

“He is so athletic, so he can just make things happen on the run,” Staggers said. “He’s just someone you feel comfortable with being in charge of the huddle.”

The coaching staff is doing their job with the players getting them set for the upcoming season.

“We still have to get better, we can never be satisfied,” Jablonski said. “I just can’t wait to be on the field doing what I’ve done for 12 years now. Football has been so good to me and the goal is to go out with a bang!”

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