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Surviving the cold without sweatpants: A fashionista’s guide to looking good and being happy

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Savannah Mul – Opinions Editor

Stop what you’re doing, fold those gray sweatshirts and put them back in your closet. I know it’s still cold out, but there are other ways of staying and keeping warm. The keyword in solving this problem is layers. This doesn’t just apply to women either. Men are just as capable in using the method (and art) of layering as well.

It’s easy start with light materials first; a tank top or summer dress, then put a sweater over it, with tights or legging. If you’re feeling adventurous mix and match patterns for a fun look. Guys, put on a collared shirt underneath a sweater, have the collar out and add a belt for accessory.

We’ve reached the time in winter where the gray skies might start affecting our own attitudes and we’ll become lazy. Who knows, maybe this already happened to some, but remember this don’t get lazy with your wardrobe. I might even be too late in saying this because many people are lazy with their wardrobe. It’s easy to notice when you see people walking around like they just rolled out of bed. I’ll throw myself under the bus as I’m proving this point (where it’s important to dress presentable) that there are days where I will quickly put on a pair of yoga pants, a knitted sweater and throw my hair up in a messy bun.

After all, what girl has not done this?

It’s definitely easy to do this everyday, yet it’s not appealing. Since we are all young adults it’s important to look like one too. For example, on those days you just want to give in to the yoga pants and sweatshirt, try this: a colored pair of leggings with a long black or gray toned sweater. Instead of a messy bun, try a messy braid and even put a headband in your hair for an added accessory. There really isn’t much effort to this and it looks better than wearing your old gray Southern sweatshirt.

For the men struggling with the same dilemma that usually will wear those ugly sweatpants, try this: Jeans or colored khakis (putting on jeans can’t be much harder than putting on sweatpants). Then to truly top off the outfit, put on a nice pair of shoes. Even if you’re just wearing jeans with a sweater or collared tee, the shoes will make the outfit.

I believe that if guys have a good pair of shoes, then they will look good and it will make their outfit look more appealing. I’m not talking about those adidas sneakers or timberland boots either! A pair of leather boots, brown or whiskey toned color. A secret to men’s fashion, own a good pair of dress shoes.

The Designer Shoe Warehouse, DSW has great deals on beautiful shoes, what more can we all ask for! So it’s worth going and checking it out.

So with those sweatshirts folded up in the corner of your closet, leave them there. This tip goes for both sexes: wear scarfs. For girls the figure eight or infinity scarves are trending right now. They are the must have January accessory. Also, don’t let the thin fabric of these scarves fool you; they will keep your neck and chest warm for those cold days soon approaching.

It’s always good to shop after the holidays because of all the markdowns and sales. So boys, head straight to Express. With their after holiday sales you can’t lose, especially in the accessory department. Don’t be scared to wear scarves, the soft material will keep your neck warm and you’ll be glad you have one. Black and grays are always good color choices since they’ll match just about any color or pattern. Plus, scarves also help with the layering process.

If we are all going to survive the remaining months of winter we might as well look our best doing it.

In addition to looking presentable within the clothes you wear, you’ll feel happier. Chances are you won’t feel lazy because you’ll be dressed in jeans or slacks and a sweater or blouse. You might even feel more confident to take on other endeavors all from just ridding yourself from those gray sweatpants. It’s time to step out of that comfort zone that too many college students are used to and actually get dressed. And get dressed nicely; it’s easy just try it.

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