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Breakups: Not the end of the world

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Ali Iacono – Staff Writer

Breakups are rough; no question about it. It’s as though one second the love of your life is handcuffed to your wrist, and then before you know it they’ve Houdini’d their way out of your pestering love trap. Though breakups come in a variety of forms, it’s safe to say a good percentage of the time someone ends up with a bruised and possibly broken heart. For those of you who have been through breakups you know that sometimes it could feel as though you’re not-so-loving lover took your existence with them as they exited the door to your life. Or in some cases maybe even your sanity.

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I was out celebrating my friend’s birthday the other night and stumbled upon a clearly intoxicated and flustered girl in the bathroom. I couldn’t help but ask her what was wrong; I was afraid she was going to get sick if she hadn’t already. The complete stranger looked past her reflection in the large mirror and stared into my eyes. She then turned around to face me, still staring soullessly into my now wincing eyes. At that very moment every fiber of my being quenched anticipating that the silent, obliterated girl would blow chunks all over me. The girl slowly opened her mouth. This was it; I was going to crawl out of that public bathroom covered in another person’s vomit.

To my surprise the girl opened her mouth to speak, and by speak I really mean ramble on and on about how her boyfriend had just dumped her on New Year’s Eve. As she spoke my heart immediately sank. It’s cruel enough to be dumped, but on a night like New Year’s Eve, that’s just a low blow.

“You know, if you think you know something is going on, then you’re right,” the girl drunkenly mumbled to me.

My heart sank deeper. She was cheated on; the ultimate betrayal.  As I listened I couldn’t help but sigh with relief knowing that I wouldn’t have to drive home reeking of throw up.

However, as she talked I realized in a sense she was vomiting; word vomit. The girl wouldn’t stop talking! I literally had to sneak past her and carefully pry the door open to escape the never-ending, one-way conversation. I mean, I give the girl some credit because she said it was the first time she had been out with her friends since the devastation that took place New Year’s Eve; however, I also knew no amount of alcohol or slurred venting sessions would help this girl emotionally. In fact, as I excused myself from the conversation and headed toward my friends all I could think about was how that girl would most likely be in tears by the end of the night when the reality and alcohol settled in.

Then again, I can’t really blame the girl because I have been in her shoes before. Though I did not drag some poor unknown soul into my personal issues, I have tried to escape my break-up meltdowns through my best friend/worst enemy; tequila. Hey, you know you’ve done it too. It’s one of those things that seem like a fail proof idea at the time, but in the end it only makes matters worse.

After barely escaping the bathroom mishap, I made my way back to my friends. As I walked around the crowded bar, my eyes scanned my surroundings. I nearly stopped dead in my tracks as my vision came to a sudden halt on my ex-boyfriend. How could this be happening? I had already had my fair share of ex-boyfriend hatred from the bathroom session, now the hate for my very own ex-boyfriend boiled inside of me. Despite her persistent annoyingness, the bathroom girl and I had one thing in common; we had both experienced extreme heartache and abandonment from someone we loved.

I’m a firm believer in giving someone a second chance, but they need to want it and utilize it to the fullest if they are lucky enough to get it. I was willing to forgive my ex once he made the decision to suck face with a girl at a club and he chose not to take the opportunity to maintain our relationship. At the time I was completely devastated. I felt like life was over for me. I would never have another chance at love. I thought I would never find someone like him. And there he, the person responsible for my past misery, stood just a few feet away from me.

My line of sight shifted slightly to the right where my friends and current boyfriend sat at a table. I smiled to myself as my eyes fell upon my boyfriend’s. Then I knew the drunk; heart-broken girl rambling to strangers in the bathroom was going to be just fine. Maybe not that night, or the next night, but eventually her heart would heal and she would learn to love again. Everyone will experience a few bumps in the road to love, but the bumps, the heartaches, tears, deception will all lead to something and someone completely amazing and worthwhile.


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