When to break up with someone

Natalie Barletta – Opinions Editor

Love can be good for a while, especially at the beginning. When relationships begin, it’s easy to think that there will be nothing but fair weather and cloudless skies for as far as the eye can see. Once the honeymoon phase wears off, however, that can change things. Soon, things that were once found cute about that person soon become annoying. The question is, when is time to throw in the towel for a relationship?

For starters, if this relationship is abusive or unhealthy, then it’s not good to stay with them. This can be as simple as a constant insult about appearance or as drastic as being punched in the face. If this sounds familiar then run as fast as possible. No one deserves abuse-plain and simple.

According to the Domestic Abuse Shelter, one in three women will be abused in their lifetime. However, women aren’t the only victims. Studies show that 48% of men are abused, physically or mentally, by their partners.

broken heartAll relationship go through ups and downs, but if it’s more down than there’s a problem. It’s the constant feeling of a rut or because it’s a continuous argument, and the feeling of being unhappy is consistent. If this is the case, then maybe take a break to figure out why the constant fight. If things have been a constant struggle of trying to work things out, then maybe its better to let that person go.

I’m not saying that if a relationship has reached a rough patch than it should be thrown out faster than last season’s boots; I am saying that if the relationship has reached a point where both parties are unhappy with the way things are going where it reaches the point that there is more bad than good things about it. Every couple has fights and spats, but the key thing is that if there’s no desire for improvement then it might be time to move on.

It’s my belief that many often settle into relationships for the sole purpose of them believing that there’s no one else out there. The fear of being alone then comes with someone holding onto dear life to a relationship that may or may not be good for that person. This leads to suffocating the person, for starters. In addition to that, it leads to someone being too blind to recognize the signs of the relationship heading south.

I’ve had a friend who was in a toxic relationship. The person was constantly undermining her values and really didn’t care much about her emotions She was constantly upset and crying at the hands of her significant other. Even though she knew that this was a problem, she stayed in the relationship for the fear of being alone. This isn’t healthy. Although the grass can not always stay green when having a partner, if it is causing more pain than happiness than that’s a huge problem.

For those who are contemplating staying or leaving, let me leave you with a contemplating thought. Ask yourself if you’re gaining respect for your partner, and yourself. Are you truly happy? When telling your partner about how you feel, what is their response? At the end of the day, you deserve respect, love and happiness. That’s what relationships should be composed of, and if you’re not getting maybe it’s time to leave.

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