Today: Jul 17, 2024

The Scoop with SGA

SARAH GREEN — Copy Editor

The Board of Constitutional Review is currently working through several proposals for new clubs and organizations on campus. Clubs that may soon be established at Southern include: the Gamers’ Guild, the Freethinkers Club, the Wilderness Club, and the Veteran’s Club. They will also be contacting clubs and organizations that need to update their constitutions in the next few weeks.

The Board of Public Relations is making student parking a top priority. Once the members of BPR speak with Chief Dooley about the construction of the new parking garage, they will be creating posters with parking tips for commuter students. So look out for this handy information!

SGA has been working with Bob Sheeley from Facilities about replacing the chairs in Morrill and Davis halls. Sheeley has promised that the older desks will be rotated out and replaced by the end of the semester. The Board of Student Issues is also meeting with Dean Sampson of the Education Department about Tk20. Plus, they will be continuing to advocate for students about the Dunkin’ Donuts lines and service.

The SMART Initiative applications are due in the Office of Student Life this Friday, Sept. 23. There are 20 computers available this semester, but more will be available in the spring semester.

Finally, the Board of Membership Involvement has created new General Member packets so that interested students will have all of the necessary information to get involved in Student Government. Look for us at Club Fair on Wednesday, Sept. 21!

Remember, Student Government meets every Friday at 1:10 p.m. in Engleman B121. Stop in and find out how you can have your voice heard!

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