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The cost of back-to-school in college

Nina Bartlomiejczyk — Copy Editor In the beginning of the fall semester, the campus fills with returning students and new Owls alike. However, within the racing minds of students trying to acclimate to their new classes, residences and surroundings, there lies one shared anxiety among all: the cost of back-to- school. Students bemoan the cost of school after tuition increases

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Tuition increase approved

Tamonda Griffiths—News Writer During a Finance and Infrastructure Committee meeting, Connecticut State Colleges and Universities system’s Board of Regents for Higher Education approved a tuition increase of about 5% to the four state universities for the fiscal year 2020. “That does all sound like a lot,” said Student Government Association President Alexis Zhitomi, during an SGA meeting the week after

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SGA approves new Peace Club and discusses other changes on campus

Lynandro Simmons – General Assignment Reporter Friday April 7, Student Government approved the start of the new Peace club organization. “The purpose of Peace is to bring more awareness to sexual misconduct on campus,” said Jessica Holman. Holman, a student worker and representative for the organization, said Peace would also show students how they can actively be involved in preventing sexual

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Board of Regents visits Southern

Alex Palmieri – News Writer     The Board of Regents made an appearance at Southern Connecticut University on Friday, Sept. 16, for a meeting in the Adanti Student Center Ballroom.     The Board of Regents sets a statewide tuition, student fee policies, and establishes financial aid policies. They also hold broad responsibilities for development and coordination of statewide higher education policy. Connecticut

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