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‘Sequelitis’: a pop culture movie trend on the rise

J’Mari Hughes—Reporter “Sequelitis” is a popular culture term that refers the overproduction of movie sequels, particularly ones that fail in comparison to the original. “There are movies that are into their fifth one,” said freshman Juan Perez, “and it’s like, okay be done.” According to TV Tropes, a pop culture source, classic movies such as “The Santa Clause” initially gain

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How relationships are portrayed in literature

Photo Credit: Stephen Coles Natalie Barletta – Opinions Editor Romance has been one of the best selling genres of literature ever since Romeo and Juliet first laid on each other, and Elizabeth Bennett began feeling frustrated about how Mr. Darcy treats her. Nowadays, we have Noah and Allie paving the way for couples everywhere, vampires falling in love with humans and Christian

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