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Rock climbing club reaches new heights

Jessica Pellegrino – General Assignment Reporter  Upon walking into City Climb Gym in New Haven, a climber is met by thousands of square feet of terrain to climb. Indoor rock climbing tests and trains a person’s muscles, awareness, fears, and problem solving skills. The courses are constantly changing at City Climb, so even the most seasoned climber has to adjust.

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Meditation club teaches students how to have a clear state of mind and de-stress

Jessica Pellegrino – General Assignment Reporter  There are not many outlets for healthy stress relief on campus. But the recently founded Meditation Club offers students a place to relax and mindfully de-stress as a break from their busy day to day schedules. Malcolm Zawacki, president of the Meditation Club, was there when the club was founded. “David Kowal founded the

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Men who are about business look to form new club

Photo: Torrin  Howard, Treasurer, & Johnathan Marcellus, President of Men About Business Club  Photo Credit: Aaron Berkowitz Aaron Berkowitz – General Assignment Reporter They aren’t an active club this semester, but they have big plans for the upcoming spring semester, said Jonathan Marcellus, junior computer science major and president of the Men About Business club. “Our goal for the spring

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Southern climbs to new heights with rock climbing club: SCSU Rock Crushers

Carl Castro – Special to the Southern News Hanging by the edge of his fingertips Steve Krozer, nursing major at Southern, uses every muscle in his body in an effort to scale a 30 foot rock-climbing wall at City Rock Gym located in New Haven. Krozer started climbing in December 2013 and has joined Southern’s rock climbing club, SCSU Rock Crushers,

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