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How to eat healthy on campus

Dylan Haviland – General Assignment Reporter  The vast amounts of foods available at Connecticut Hall and the Adanti Student Center in Southern Connecticut State University provide a diverse dish of edibles ready for ravenous students.  A typical day at Connecticut Hall include options such as: an omelet station, main entrees that are constantly rotating, a corner brimming with pastries and

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Southern plans to design proposed recreation building

Vice President for Student Affairs Tracy Tyree said the new building would potentially have basketball and multi-purpose courts. For now, students play basketball during rec hours in Moore Field House.  NEW HAVEN–Eric LaCharity said he couldn’t believe the number of times he mentioned a climbing wall during a conversation about the proposed new recreation center. It did return “highly popular”

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Tutoring Center to open in Farnham Programming Space

Aaron Berkowitz – General Assignment Reporter  SCSU’s staff is constantly looking for innovative ways to improve the student’s chances of being successful and their latest means of doing so is coming in the form a new tutoring program in Farnham Hall. This is the program’s pilot year, but the founders Dr. Kathleen De Oliveira, director of the Academic Success Center,

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Southern strives for sustainability

Aaron Berkowitz – General Assignment Reporter  Making an effort to be more environmentally friendly and aware is much more than just recycling bottles and cans, said Heather Stearns, SCSU’s Recycling Coordinator. “There’s countless ways that everyone can get involved. We are always looking for different ways to recycle. We have recycled mattresses, paint, pallets; there’s really a long list of

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President Papazian encourages students to share questions and concerns about SCSU

Aaron Berkowitz – General Assignment Reporter  President Papazian held a student and faculty discussion last week to give anyone with concerns, questions, or issues about anything SCSU related a chance for their voices to be heard. When Papazian first posed the question of who would like to share, students’ hands shot up immediately and the discussion commenced. Symphany Joseph, senior

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