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Students compete in Mario Kart Tournament

Lexi White- General Reporter

Students were zooming into the Farnham Hall Programming Space to participate in the Mario Kart Tournament on Wednesday, Feb. 21. 

The Residence Hall Association, RHA, provided gamers with pizza, cookies and beverages. The winner got to take home a brand-new Nintendo Switch! 

The RHA hosts events for the residents living on campus and used the extra funds they had to collect a unique prize for the winner of the tournament.  

Business administration major Asia Fairweather, a sophomore, said, “I know lots of people probably shy away from things, but if they see an expensive prize, I’m sure they’ll come out.” 

Fairweather said that Mario Kart was RHA’s game of choice for the night.  

Students compete against each other in Mario Kart in the Farnham Programming Space on Wednesday, Feb. 21. Photo: Lexi White

“Everybody loves Mario Kart, and it’s kind of nostalgic in a sense. It’s also really fun,” Fairweather said.  

“I’ve been looking forward to this for over a week,” interdisciplinary studies major Lincoln Carroll, a junior, said. “I’m having a really good time.” 

Carroll has played Mario Kart for over 400 hours and plays the fun-filled game at an advanced level in his free time. 

“I really love Mario Kart, and I’m so excited that there are gaming tournaments,” Carroll said.  

Environmental systems and sustainability major Sarah Tufts, a sophomore, is also a huge fan of the nostalgic game.  

“I came to this event because I enjoy playing Mario Kart,” Tufts said. “I’m going to try to win. I don’t know if I can, but I’m going to try.” 

Tufts said, “I think this event is beneficial because it gets you to meet new people that have the same interests as you.” 

The tournament started with 10 players, with two contestants playing against each other over five rounds. 

Each round had four races with randomized racing tracks to keep a level playing field.  The player who had the highest score at the end of the four races was promoted into the next round.  

Then, the winners from the previous five rounds played each other in the semifinals. One contestant dropped out of the competition, which made the number of players even for a fair match.  

The three finalists battled it out on the raceway in an exhilarating three-player round. It was an intense finale that had contestants jumping out of their seats! 

After the four races in the final round, Lincoln Carroll won the championship! He was so excited to have been awarded the Nintendo Switch. 

Once the determined winner was awarded his prize, the RHA decided to award the gamers who came in second and third place with an Amazon gift card each.  

“I think this is a great way for students to relax from classes and other factors that are stressful,” Fairweather said. “This is the best way to get their minds away from that college student life.”  

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