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Women’s soccer players compete in ‘Senior Bowl’

Ali Fernand – Managing Editors

Women’s soccer players compete in Senior Bowl 

Women’s soccer players Kelsey Burr, Amanda Dustin and Taylor Hennig have been selected to play in the “Senior Bowl.” This is a competition between the best soccer players in the New England region. 

The “Senior Bowl” includes players who are ending their career in college soccer from all Divisions I, II and III.  

“It’s a tremendous honor. I’m really proud of them,” Head Coach Adam Cohen said. “I think they’re the perfect representatives of Southern Connecticut.” 

The competition took place on Dec. 2 at 12 p.m. This was the final game these athletes were able to compete in for their collegiate careers.  

“The best college players that have been voted on, that have received the honor, come together and are put on teams with the other college players, and they all get to compete,” Cohen said.  

All three players selected had just finished their last season in their soccer careers. “Senior Bowl” was their opportunity to play at the college level one last time.  

“I’m honestly just excited to be able to get a chance to play with different players at a high level and also get a chance to get to play with Kelsey one more time,” midfielder Kelsey Hennig said. 

Burr, Dustin and Hennig all proved themselves to be worthy of their nominations. They each had a successful season, making them clear picks for their nomination and selection to this ultimate game.  

“My whole career overall has been so great, this season being the highlight of my career,” forward Kelsey Burr said.  

Midfielder Amanda Dustin cannot participate in the competition due to an upcoming surgery. Though she says she is sad to be unable to participate, she hopes to see her teammates succeed in this final competition.  

“I was bummed, but at the same time, it’s always for the right reason,” Dustin said.  

All three of these players are currently graduate students at the university. Their collegiate soccer careers have been longer than most, but this season was the last they could be eligible for.  

All three have expressed gratitude that they were able to end their career honoring their university and its soccer program.  

“We’ve had new players come in each year helping contribute in different ways, making the team better, and we just grew as a team, which helped me become a better player,” Burr said.  

All players are in their final season; however, the nomination process is based on their entire career in soccer. Therefore, these players have shown excellence in their entire careers, not just this season.  

“I wouldn’t trade it for a thing. I’m so glad that I got to play two extra years,” Dustin said. “Not many people get to play six years of college soccer.” 

Though this marks the end of their time in the soccer program at the university, all three players say they value their time in the women’s soccer team.  

“I can look back on my career and know that it ended in a Southern uniform with my teammates, with my coaches, and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way,” Dustin said. 

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