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Uricchio earns NE10 Honors

Avery Martin – Contributor

Elementary education major Jasmine Uricchio, a sophomore, was named to the NE10 Honor Roll on Nov. 21. The swimmer recently won two events at a meet at Worchester Polytechnic Institute. Her wins helped the team secure a 162-132 victory. 

Uricchio won the 500-yard freestyle with a time of 5:14.95 and the 200-yard butterfly with a time of 2:10.81. She then took second in the 200-yard freestyle with a time of 1:58.57. Uricchio’s 400 medley relay team also finished second in 4:04.74. 

Head Coach Tim Quill attributes these results to Uricchio’s versatility.  

“She is a go-to athlete, she can swim a lot of different individual events and swim them well,” Quill said. “I wouldn’t say she is a breaststroker, but she can do the fly events and all the freestyles from the 50 on up, that makes her a very versatile athlete.” 

Quill says that Uricchio’s results this year stand out. She has moved beyond the freshman transition period and onto showing the results she is capable of.  

“She is definitely ahead of where she was last year., there is always a transition period for the student-athletes.” Quill said. “I think that she adjusted well last year, but she is definitely ahead of where she was last year at this time.” 

Uricchio also believes that this season has been one of improvement and progress for her.  

“This season has been really good so far,. I feel like I am doing a lot better than I did last year,” Uricchio said. 

As with many athletes, Uricchio’s big goal for the season is to make the NCAA championships. Quill says that Uricchio is on the path to doing so and that they are taking training one day at a time.  

Uricchio is also known for her hard work and determination. Psychology major Paola Castillo, a sophomore, is Uricchio’s teammate and roommate. She has seen not only Uricchio’s performances in the pool but also her determination outside of it.  

“She’s just an all-around great athlete, she has a lot of potential. She is a very supportive teammate, a very hard-working teammate,” Castillo said. “She is a leader by example, and you can’t deny all the results she puts in. She is someone to admire and aspire to be.”  

Quill agrees that Uricchio’s work ethic is special.  

“She brings a lot to the table, there is no question as to her work ethic in practice,” Quill said. “She is not afraid to really go after it, and she trains well with some of the men that are in there in her lane.”. 

Outside of athletics, Castillo said she and Uricchio have formed a special bond and compared her to a ray a of sunshine that helps the team. 

“It’s been an instant connection, and she is like a sister to me. We use each other to push each other at practice,” Castillo said. “We’re there for each other all the time, and she is someone that I am glad she’s in my life and she is on this team.” 

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