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Correction: Alpha Phi Delta creates a pool tournament

Solé Scott – Features Editor

Fraternities and sororities for the past century have been committed to providing community service locally and nationally, contributing countless hours and raising millions of dollars for charitable organizations. 

The Greek organizations on campus, like the Alpha Phi Delta (APD) Gamma Xi chapter, often conduct community service events that the student body engages in. 

“One of our main pillars is philanthropy, and we’re actually very lucky to be one of the few fraternities or sororities that allows each chapter to pick their own individual philanthropy instead of having one that the entire organization does,” psychology major Andrew Stone, a senior and the chapter’s president, said. 

That gives the chapter the freedom to practice philanthropy in so many creative ways, for example, through a sport. 

Last Thursday night, the fraternity held their latest pool tournament in the Adanti Student Center’s game room to raise money for the Chapel Haven Schleifer Center, an educational and living facility for people with developmental and social disabilities. 

Those who wanted to play paid a $5 entry fee, and concessions were provided by donation.  

The game room was buzzing with excitement as 11 players ran practice rounds. Music filled the room, and friends gathered around the pool tables to watch and support, creating an atmosphere that is perfect for late-night fun. 

Sociology major Gianna Rubino, a junior and tournament competitor, regularly plays pool and is grateful that Gamma Xi can hold its tournament every semester. 

“I started getting into it my freshman year. I’ve seen a few friends play, and I thought I’d give it a shot. I love it. I play whenever I can out west. One of my friends actually gave me the nickname ‘Pool Queen’ because I play so much,” she said.  

“I honestly had a blast. Even though I got out the first round, it was still fun. For me it was just coming out and having a good time.” Rubino said. 

Environmental science major Shyhiem Jones, a junior and tournament competitor, said he likes supporting campus events in addition to having great socialization with his peers. 

“This is one of the best times I’ve had all week,” Jones said. 

After multiple rounds of single elimination, it was down to students Jack Wargo and Sina Shojaee in a best-out-of-five final game. 

Their matched skill level led to an intense 2-2 tie, but Sina finally broke it in the fifth game, and the top three players walked away with gift cards of their choosing. 

At the end of the night, the Gamma Xi Chapter raised $76, which will be doubled to $152 by the APD Foundation for Chapel Haven. 

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