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Behind the scenes with the SCSU TV crew

Brianna Wallen – Features Editor

Three, two, one action! The university has its very own news channel known as SCSU TV. For the past decade, dedicated team members have been posting videos on their YouTube channel biweekly for all to see. With precise lighting, complex cameras, and creative ideas, students bring their ideas to the big screen.  

Film television and digital production major Ricardo Pena serves as the club’s president and general manager. Pen shares the behind-the-scenes work that goes into each show. 

“Students share their ideas, they get assigned jobs, record, and we put it all together,” Pena said. “We really try to let students be creative.” 

Their news segments range from man-on-the-street to skits. In the digital productions facility on campus is where the magic happens. The area mimics a TV set, where anchor shoots are recorded. The club utilized its own gear, including microphones and cameras. With this professional equipment and environment, students are able to gain experience.  

“Most jobs in film want people with 2-3 years of experience,” Pena said. “The club can get students familiar with working in a studio setting and sets everyone up with the same success.” 

Students also the the opportunity to practice various roles. Club members are able to try out important jobs that are on a TV show set, including director, switcher, audio, anchor, and camera operator.  

Communications major Cassia Flanagan, a junior, shares the overall experience in the club.  

“The club gives everyone a chance to play around with different parts of filming a show.”  

As a result, students have experience with different duties under their belt.   

Flanagan, who is a transfer student said that prior to coming to this university, she wasn’t involved on campus much. After being recommended to join by her professor, Micheal Bay, she decided to join.  

“I liked what I saw, I thought it seemed like a fun & engaging space to be in,” Flanagan said. 

Flanagan, along with an abundance of new members, joined the crew as well. According to President Pena, this was a good semester for new enrollment.  

Mass communication with a concertation in film production major Deuce Mangum, a junior, plays the role as the club’s teleprompter and produces graphics. Mangum, who is also the club’s news director, enjoys the process of producing the news segments.  

“I like the sense of accomplishment when everything is done,” Mangum said.  “Everything coming together and seeing the project come to life.” 

Students pitch stories, anchor shoots, write lines, record, and edit in the span of two weeks. With a wave of new freshmen, President Rena acts as a mentor to help new members become acclimated to equipment and tasks. 

“It’s never a dull moment,” Pena said. “It’s my job to make sure that the rest of the e-board and members have all the resources and access to personal equipment.”  

However with the team’s combined efforts, these news segments are able to happen. For Pena, he finds joy in everyone enjoying themselves on set.  

“I like seeing everyone there have a good time, it’s the biggest indicator that I’m doing a good job as a general manager,” Pena said.  

After closing the curtain for the fall semester, the club is currently on break. Flanagan recommends that students join for the spring semester.  

“SCSU TV is a great source to get involved,” Flanagan said. “The future looks really bright for this club.” 

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