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RHA hosts roller-skating event in ballroom

Lexi White- General Reporter

The Adanti Student Center Ballroom was transformed into a glow-in-the-dark, 2000-themed roller rink by the Residence Hall Association, RHA. 

 RHA oversees all the Hall Councils on campus and organizes events for people who live on campus. RHA’s president, Cristal Rivas De La Cruz, a senior majoring in healthcare studies, said that RHA has been hosting this event every year, and it always has a good turnout.  

“We started organizing everything a month in advance,” Rivas De La Cruz said. “If we had to get food or a contract so that we could use a certain space, we had to request and pay for it.” 

The glow-in-the-dark roller-skating event, held on Tuesday, Nov. 14, began at 7:30 p.m. The RHA provided guests with plenty of snacks and refreshments that students indulged in while taking a quick break from skating. In addition, RHA gave out ‘Roll with Us’ t-shirts. 

 While students were skating, using skates that the RHA provided, feel-good music filled the rink that put everyone into a great mood and facilitated socializing.  

RHA’s resident advocacy chair, Claire Valfils, a senior majoring in psychology, is in charge of advocating for students who are having issues when it comes to Connecticut Hall or their residence hall.  

Plenty of students did get out of their rooms to have fun and skate; one being nursing major Maddie Elmo, a freshman, who said that she had never roller-skated before. 

“I am enjoying this event a lot, and being with my friends while skating at school is really exciting. Plus, it’s free,” said Elmo. 

Valfils said that before she joined RHA and hosted the roller-skating event with them, she attended the event on her own.  

“I remember I came to this event a few years ago and noticed that it was very popular,” Valfils said.  

Valfils said that she thinks this event very much benefits students on campus.  

“I think this event just really helps residents get out of their rooms, especially for me, personally,” Valfils said.  

“This event definitely gets you to meet more people that you haven’t met before. It’s a physical activity and gets you out of your dorm, which is great,” Elmo said. 

Social work major Grace Huber, a freshman, said that she had seen flyers posted in her building advertising the RHA’s event.  

“There isn’t a lot of stuff to do during the week after classes, so it’s really nice that they have stuff like this,” Huber said.  

After every event that the RHA hosts, they ask for feedback from residents to see what they can improve upon for the next upcoming event.  

“It takes a lot of work. We ask residents what we can do to make things better. Basically, just opinions so we can plan better events in the future,” Rivas De La Cruz said.   

The RHA is hosting more events very soon! One of their future activities is Jukebox Bingo, which is on Dec. 4 from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. in the Farnham Programming Space.  

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