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Pop artist PinkPantheress releases debut album

Ali Fernand – Managing Editor

Emerging pop star PinkPantheress has released her anticipated debut album “Heaven Knows.” PinkPantheress has gained attention for her use of 2000s aesthetics and lo-fi style. Her songs often feature soft vocals, fast percussion and dreamy synths.  

“Heaven Knows” follows her established style; however, she demonstrates growth as a musician. This album features more instruments than her previous singles. Many of the songs on this album feature guitar, bass and harp. PinkPantheress is showing her development as a musician with this album. 

The production on this album is amazing. The beats, melodies and instruments fit together perfectly. No other artist right now has established a creative aesthetic quite like PinkPantheress. “Mosquito” is the song that perfectly demonstrates her evolving style. It has a laid-back and creative vocal melody. The beat is a heavy lo-fi snare rhythm, and a guitar riff is featured throughout the song. This is the strongest song on the entire album.  

“Ophelia” is another song that shows off PinkPantheress’s style while expanding on her creativity. This song focuses on the harp, which makes for a very dreamy pop song. “Nice to Meet You” has immediately become a fan favorite. The music video features PinkPantheress and dancers in front of a colorful background. It is edited in a way that is aesthetically pleasing, and fans immediately took to it. The beat and vocals are once again the standout features. It is ridiculously catchy with a repetitive melody.  

“Capable of Love” is another standout song. It was one of the first singles from the album. The song showcases a grander take on PinkPantheress’s style. The vocals and instruments have more dynamic growth than her past songs. Releasing this song as a single was a great choice as it showcases the appeal of PinkPantheress as an emerging new artist.  

“Internet Baby” is supposed to serve as an interlude on this album. However, it could absolutely stand as its own song within the album. The melody is one of the catchiest on the album. It is nothing groundbreaking, but it is on par with what PinkPantheress fans are familiar with.  

The weakest part of this album is the features. Rema on “Another Life” is a weak rap verse that does not add anything special to the song. Central Cee on “Nice to Meet You” is also a bad feature. It is not as bad as Rema, but it once again adds nothing special to the song. These bad features do not ruin the album, but it also does not help it. They are simply bad features on otherwise good songs.  

The one exception to the bad features is Ice Spice on “Boy’s a Liar Pt. 2.” This collab was immediately a pop classic. PinkPantheress’s soft aesthetic was a perfect fit for Ice Spice’s laid-back rapping style. These two make a fantastic duo for a fun and catchy song.  

Overall, this is an impressive release from PinkPantheress. Besides the bad features, the songs on this album are great. This album will stand the test of time as a unique pop album of this decade. 

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