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Fall Harvest Festival held in university garden space

Lexi White & Brianna Wallen Contributor

Recently, there has been a shift on the university’s campus. Pinecones scatter across the sidewalk; the leaves have changed to an array of oranges and yellows, and nights are cooler. This can only mean one thing: fall is here! As the fall season rolls in, the SCSU food pantry and Community Garden teamed up to host their very own Fall Harvest Festival.  

Located at the on-campus Community Garden, students and the rest of the owl community were invited to indulge in fall festivities. On Thursday, Oct. 26, participants lined up to make pumpkin creations and enjoy fall treats.  

The Office of Sustainability was the main organization running the Fall Harvest Festival at the university’s garden. The head of the organization, Derek Faulkner, said he was very excited to see the turnout of students at the event. 

“We just want people out here to use this space and to experience some of the mental benefits of being outdoors,” said Faulkner. “Our staff is out here to tell students about what we are doing and why we are doing it to try and get them involved.” 

While the main goal was to help students become aware of this space on campus, another objective was to collect nonperishables for the food pantry. The Office of Sustainability had other organizations at the event too, including the Well-Being Organization, Health Services and the Honeybee Project.  

Environmental systems and sustainability major Sarah Tufts, a sophomore, said that this event was right up her alley. She said, “I saw that there was pumpkin carving at the festival and other fun activities. I really wanted to come check it out.” 

Tufts was one of the many students that came out to enjoy the fall activities. Nursing major Chardonae Mckogg, a sophomore, said that the festival allowed her to divert from her typical routine.  

“Usually, I would be inside doing some schoolwork, but I’m enjoying myself, and I don’t regret it,” Mckogg said.  

Not only was attending this event out of the ordinary for her, but Mckogg said that celebrating the season is all new to her.  

“I moved here five years ago, and I never got to experience the whole fall thing and painted a pumpkin before,” said Mckogg. “I’m able to explore the things that people are already used to.” 

Mckogg, who is from Jamaica, got to experience plenty of fall traditions through the event. Other students also had the pleasure of getting their face painted, painting or carving pumpkins and eating the delicious food provided by the organizations that hosted the event.  

Business management major Ryan Gagne, a freshman, is another student that had been waiting for an opportunity to get into the fall spirit.  

“I have been wanting to do pumpkin carving, so it gives me the opportunity to do so,” said Gagne. 

Pumpkins were the highlight of the event, as students were eager to decorate them. Physical education major Eden Brisee, a junior, said that the activities involving pumpkins drew her to the event.  

“I saw it on Instagram page, and I love pumpkins, so I got to do that,” Brisee said. “The vibes are chill. Everyone is kind of doing their own thing and relaxing.” 

The Fall Harvest Festival was a great opportunity for the community to support the Office of Sustainability’s cause while enjoying the outdoors and finding pleasure in the many exciting activities that they had provided. 

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