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Black Student Union holds a Halloween event

Lexi White – General Reporter

It is finally that time of year when you can eat as much candy as you want. The university’s Black Student Union gave students this opportunity when they hosted their Spooky Festival on Wednesday, Oct. 25, in the Farnham Programming Space.  

The Union had many spooky decorations to set the Halloween tone. Along with the scary skeleton heads and creepy spider webs all around the room, pumpkin baskets filled with candy were set up as well.  

Snacks, pizza and refreshments were given out to those who attended the event and ‘feel good’ music was blasting as students walked in. Every individual was singing along to the songs they knew. In addition, guests were dancing to the music, which made the event feel more like a celebration of sorts.   

 The union’s president, Caleb Letel, is a senior majoring in communications. He said, “The purpose of this event is for students to have a chance to destress and come together to socialize.”  

Letel also said, “We want students to build connections outside of the classrooms and gain a personal sense of belonging. This event is really for students to mingle and get to know each other.” 

Mingling was an understatement. The union encouraged students to communicate by seating them at different tables and started conversations between those who did not know each other beforehand. 

The Black Student Union’s secretary, Dawin Magloire, a junior majoring in exercise science, said that this was the first spooky festival the union has done, and they had been planning this event for a few weeks. He said, “It took us about 45 minutes to set up the tables, chairs and decorations.” 

There was a great turnout of sociable students. Business major Jemere Brown, a freshman, said that he was really enjoying the candy at the event, specifically the Skittles.  

Business information systems major Jahdia Williams, a sophomore, said “I came to spooky fest to meet new people and to use my time wisely.”  

Like Brown, Williams was also really enjoying the candy that the union gave out that night. She said, “This Halloween candy is really getting me in the spirit.” 

The music that the union had played got students seriously hyped up. Williams said, “I am really enjoying the music. It sets the vibe.” Students were jamming in their seats and could not help but sing and dance along.  

The members of the Black Student Union did a great job of curating this event. They came together to host and exceeded their goal of getting students out of their shell.  

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