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Transfer students are welcomed to the university

Solé Scott – Features Editor

Relocating to another school can be a hard adjustment for any student, which is why the university held a carnival for transfer students. 

The carnival took place on Oct. 17 at the Adanti Student Center, STU, on the first floor. 

Music therapy major Lindsey Brown, a sophomore, recently transferred to the university. 

“I transferred from Saint Joseph’s College in Maine,” said Brown. 

Students filled the back of STU, as there were game tables set up for a chance to win fidget spinners, notebooks, t-shirts and other knickknacks. 

Jenna Barcello, a Graduate Intern at the Center for Academic Success and Accessibility Services, CASAS, was present at the carnival. 

“CASAS is a service that supports all students: transfer, first year and graduate,” said Barcello. 

Students who checked in at the front table were given a ticket to use at the food truck in the back of STU. 

The potato bar truck was parked in the parking lot and had a long line of students patiently waiting for their turn. 

Psychology major Idalis Nuez, a junior, transferred from Norwalk Community College. 

“I really like the environment here, and I have always wanted to come to this school,” said Nuez. 

This carnival was put together by the Multicultural Center, Office of Student Involvement, Office of Residence life, Orientation, Transition & Family Engagement, and lastly Recreation and Fitness.  

Business major Angenee Spencer, a junior, attended the event with a fellow transfer student. 

“I really liked the environment here,” said Spencer. 

The carnival was a celebration for all newcoming students during Transfer Student Week. 

“I’m really excited to be in a new space and meet new people,” said Brown. 

The event ran from 11 a.m. and concluded around 1 p.m. 

“We are here to help you out. Lots of times, students transfer over, and their accommodations don’t,” said Barcello. 

The organizers made sure to utilize every aspect of the back of STU, including interactive stations. 

There was a dessert table that was filled with a variety of cookies and cupcakes, and music blasted through the area as students ate or talked amongst themselves. 

“It was really fun. I got a little plant, and I got good food, and I got to play games,” said Nuez. 

Everyone was welcome to join and get food even if they were not transfer students. Near the end, students who never went to another school were able to get a baked potato from the food truck because there were tickets still available. 

“Utilize all your resources on campus that you have. Familiarize yourself with Southern’s campus,” said Barcello. 

The event had a good turnout of new students that needed to get to know the university. 

“So far, the Music Therapy program has been amazing, and I’m thankful for Dr. Wagner who is the head of the Music Therapy program and all of her support,” said Brown. 

The university offers many new opportunities that transfer students are interested in exploring, which is why CASAS offers academic support and accessibility services.  

“We have so much to offer, so definitely take advantage,” said Barcello. 

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