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Phi Beta Sigmas make presence known

Solé Scott – Features Editor

The men of Phi Beta Sigma fraternity hold themselves to high standards of community service and dedication to people on and off campus. 

Exercise science sports and psychology major Easper Watts, a Graduate Intern, is a member of Phi Beta Sigma. 

“I just crossed in the spring of 2023,” said Watts. 

The Sigmas and Zetas hosted an R&B night in Farnham Programming Space on Oct. 19 at 7 p.m. 

Students came out to listen to music, eat food and play games with the respected sorority and fraternity. 

The fraternity was established on Howard University’s campus in 1914 and was charted here on campus in the 1980’s. 

Healthcare studies major Fritz Mesidor Jr., a senior, is a Sigma. 

“For me, it was the motto and seeing the brotherhood that they all had amongst each other and meeting some of my old resident advisors,” said Mesidor. 

The motto is culture for service and service for humanity. 

Social work major Damon Wooten, a sophomore, is a Sigma line brother. 

“I was always interested in Greek life, but Sigmas was the only one I felt like there were no stigma to it,” said Wooten. 

Phi Beta Sigma is one of the few divine nine Greek organizations recognized on campus. 

“Right now, we have a monthly park cleanup, so we go to parks all around New Haven and Bridgeport in proximity of the chapter,” said Watts. 

The organization has three current university students, while the rest of the brothers are alumni of the fraternity 

“One of the things I started this summer was the Blue Haven Park cleanup, basically just a lot of our older bros’s and our brother chapter Delta Iota Sigma, Omicron Theta and Gamma micron chapters,” said Wooten. 

The fraternity will hold a study session in the Adanti Student Center room 308 at 7 p.m. on Oct. 23. 

On Oct. 24 brothers will hold a seminar on how to get professional in Adanti Student Center Room 201 at 7 p.m. 

“We also are working with high school in the districts and having some other bros’s go there and talk to them and guide them,” said Watts. 

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