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Muslim Student Association hosts Jeopardy

Brianna Wallen – General Reporter

With recent global conflict, it is important more than ever for the university’s community to unite and foster a welcoming environment. Students have been doing just that, specifically the students of the Muslim Students Association, MSA.  

The organization that is rooted in social justice has been spreading information about Islam and the community throughout campus. Even though the organization is centered around Islam, the club is comprised of a diverse group of students, including both Muslim and non-Muslim students. 

One of their efforts included hosting a “Jeopardy Night” for students to partake in. On Wednesday, Oct. 18, students turned up for the night of games at the Adanti Student Center. 

Computer science major Shahzaib Raza, sophomore and the vice president of the MSA, said that the event was for past and new members to interact.  

“It’s the first event of the semester for new students to get to know each other,” Raza said.  

Over pizza and multiple rounds of jeopardy, students were quizzed on their knowledge of Islam. Political science and business administration major Sarah Majzoub, a junior, who holds the position of MSA president, had a similar goal for the game night.  

“To bring Muslims on campus, bring a sense of community and educate non-Muslims about Islam,” Majzoub said. 

Both E-board members had a fortunate outcome in results, as participants enjoyed the event. Nursing major Takiya Awwal, a freshman, said that she had recently joined the club and attended the event to meet new people. 

“I like that it’s questioning me on my knowledge of religion,” Awwal said. “It’s a good way to meet other students a part of the Muslim community.” 

With a good turnout in their first event, the E-board’s organization plans to make a bigger impact on the campus’s environment.  

“I plan to make it more inclusive for Muslims on campus by setting meetings with advisors,” Awwal said. 

While MSA is working to improve conditions on campus for Muslim students, they are also trying to be a voice to those across the globe that are facing injustices and rampant violence. 

“We’re trying to spread awareness about the conflict while also being safe,” Raza said. “I use social media to spread awareness since everyone is on their phone.” 

The club’s vice president is taking extra precautions due to backlash that others have experienced. 

“There have been threats about people who speak out,” Raza said. “They would target people, spread false information and hear horrible stories about people that speak about their beliefs.” 

Raza said that he is a strong advocate for Muslims to feel safe and be protected on campus.  

“We shouldn’t feel trapped in our own institution. We pay to have an education and be in a safe environment,” Raza said. 

With this conflict-filled time in the Muslim community, Raza advises members of the university to have a common goal in mind.  

“Try to be neutral and as positive as possible,” Raza said. “At the end of the day, we want people to be safe and have a good environment.” 

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