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Iota Phi Theta hosts movie night

Lexi White – General Reporter

Are you ever looking for activities to go to on campus after a long day of classes? Iota Phi Theta has your back. This fraternity on campus hosted a movie night of the film “Us”, directed by Jordan Peele, on Tuesday, Oct. 17 in the Adanti Student Center.  

“Us” is a psychological thriller about a family who discovers that they have evil doppelgangers while on a sunny vacation at the beach.  

The fraternity had exciting music playing as attendees walked in that got everyone excited to watch “Us”. They also provided loads of snacks to indulge in while watching the movie, including pizza and candy.  

The time and effort put into this event made those who attended feel very welcome.  

“I like the vibe here. It is very friendly. Everyone is interacting, and the music in the background is great,” said psychology major Hailey Cruz, a sophomore.  

Iota Phi Theta President Marquise Blagonand Vice President Dawin Magloire oversaw the event. Magloire said that they picked this movie to get students in the Halloween spirit.  

“Midterms are going on, and people are stressed with their academics, so this event serves as a decompressor, amongst other events we hold. We just want to uplift their spirits,” Magloire said.  

In addition to this event lowering the stress of students on campus, it also helped students socialize and form new relationships. Cruz used to be a commuter at the university, but now she lives on campus. She said that it used to be extremely hard to come to events because she did not live at school.  

“Now living here, it is a lot easier to attend events. Through these events, I was able to make quite a few friends and get out of my shell. It is nice to try to expand my social circle,” Cruz said.  

When asked what the goal of hosting events like this is, Magloire said, their goal is getting students to socialize. The fraternity’s goal has been met because the screening room was filled with interacting students on Tuesday night.  

Not only were students enjoying the movie night, but other members in the community found joy in the event too.  

“Because I am in the M.O.C., I thought I should come out here to support my brothers,” said the university assistant for the Men of Color program.   

Iota Phi Theta does not just put together movie nights; Magloire said, “We try to host a multitude of different events every semester.” 

Magloire also said that there may be an upcoming bake sale in collaboration with one of the sororities on campus.  

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