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Music Review: Troye Sivan releases new album 

Ali Fernand – Managing Editor

Troye Sivan has released a new album titled “Something to Give Each Other”. Sivan has made a name for himself in the pop space after becoming popular on YouTube then officially releasing music. Since rising to stardom, he has collaborated with huge pop names like Ariana Grande and Charli XCX.  

Sivan has become an icon for his unapologetic queerness in his music. His songs often involve casually talking about his encounters with other men and coming to terms with being gay. This has made for an overwhelmingly queer fanbase that finds comfort in and relates to his music.  

This album is no different from the queer undertones of his previous work. However, this album offers a much more mature and stylized version of him than fans already were familiar with. Before, he was releasing tame pop songs such as the hit “Youth.” It was radio-friendly and easily digestible for a mainstream audience. 

Sivan’s new album takes a necessary stylistic turn. This album offers more experimental elements as one of the producers, A. G. Cook, is a spearhead of experimental pop. Cook has worked with many other artists who wanted to take a more dramatic approach to their music. This turn works beautifully for Sivan. 

The first single released was “Rush”, which quickly became a summer hit. It has elements of dance pop, with a bouncing piano and electronic beat. This was an appropriate release for a summer hit. “Rush” has everything one could want in a pop song. It is upbeat, danceable, has incredible vocals and fun lyrics about experiencing lust.  

“Rush” set high expectations for the rest of the album, which it delivered on. The next single “Got Me Started” is just as fun as the first single. It has a sample of “Shooting Stars” by Bag Raiders, a popular electronic song. It is an unexpected sample, but it works really well for this song. Sivan perfectly gives this sample a life of its own. “Got Me Started” is a chill pop banger with smooth vocals.  

“One of Your Girls” is another highlight of this album. Its music video immediately went viral; it features popular actor Ross Lynch and Sivan in full drag. This is a glimmery pop song with heavy vocal effects. Though Sivan has an incredible voice, the vocal effects are a fun addition to the chorus. This song will no doubt go down as a queer classic of this decade.  

Two other highlights from this album are “What’s the Time Where You Are?” and “Silly”. Both of these songs continue with the dance pop vibe Sivan has gone for in this new era of his. Both feature fun production and danceable synth melodies. Sivan has a laid-back vocal style in these songs, making him sound cool and confident.  

Overall, Sivan has exceeded well past expectations he set for himself. He went from a tame, generally liked pop artist to a fully formed artist with his own style. This album is for anyone who loves fun pop and dance music.  

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