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Pep Rally kicks off Homecoming weekend

Solé Scott – Features Editor

The 2023 Homecoming weekend kicked off with a pep rally on Thursday, Oct. 12 at 7 p.m. in the Moore Field House. 

Students gathered in the gymnasium, which was filled with athletic teams and games that would be played later on in the night. 

Sociology major Genaya Cupidon, a sophomore, went to the pep rally with friends as she celebrated her birthday. 

“I just came to see how it was. I went last year, and it was good times,” said Cupidon. 

Public health major Danielle Davis, a junior, attended the event with her friends. 

“I know a couple of football players, so I’m here to support,” said Davis. 

The rally started with athletic teams walking the indoor track course with their titles and trophies. 

The football team put on a show by doing a dance break. Players were displaying their flipping talents. The dance team also performed a number as the crowd looked on. 

Social work major Alexandria Lewis Charles, a freshman, attended her first pep rally at the university. 

“The event was really nice. I loved Dr. D’s little pep talk saying not to do homework for this week was really good,” Charles said. 

There were little to no instructions as a long line formed outside the door of the Moore Field House beforehand. All students had to do was walk in and scan their Hoot Loot at the front table to access the gym. 

“It was really crowded, and a lot of energy was given, but also at the same time it was kind of boring because it was inside,” said Charles. 

Last year’s pep rally was held outside on the football field. 

There was a blow-up obstacle course inside the gymnasium ready to be used by students. 

“Hopefully, they provide food and free shirts,” said Davis. 

Cheese pizza, buffalo wings, barbecue wings, water and soda were provided to students on a first come, first serve basis. 

“I’m going to be honest; it was only pizza there, but New Heaven pizza is good,” said Charles. 

The end of the pep rally was like a WWE battle royal as shirts were being tossed into the crowd. Students charged and got semi-physical.  

The most entertaining part for students other than the football team dancing was the introduction of other athletic departments that came out with a splash. 

Track & field put on a whole performance as they wore black glasses and had three group members dance them onto the gymnasium floor. 

“Looking forward to the cheer team,” said Davis. 

There was a sizable number of people turning up to the event on that Thursday night. 

Students were dressed in their best OWL pride throughout the night. Some even went above and beyond to put face paint on. 

Nevertheless, the pep rally ushered in what was to come for the 2023 Homecoming weekend. 

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