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F.A.C.E. teaches the art of modeling 

Brianna Wallen – General Reporter

Lights! Camera! Pose! 

At the university, many students not only strut the hallway but also catwalk on the runway. After class, they ditch their backpacks for finer fashion accessories like purses, shades and stilettos. They get to shine under the spotlight and stride to their very own beat, all in front of an audience.  

These students are members of F.A.C.E., or Fashion, Attitude, Creativity, and Elegance, the university’s very own modeling organization.  

“F.A.C.E. is a place where you can go to have fun, meet new people and build your confidence,” said psychology major Elijah Kapend, a sophomore. Kapend is a model and dancer that has been a dedicated member for the past two semesters.  

According to the club’s mission statement, “It shall be the purpose of this organization to further members’ knowledge about fashion, self-esteem and togetherness.” Members have learned how to express themselves through their clothing and poses due to their experience in the club.  

With behind-the-scenes access, the club’s vice president, sophomore political science major Ryan Williams, shared what he learned from his own experience. “The club gave me basic knowledge of modeling,” said Willliams. “I walked in NYFW, and there was no rehearsal.” Williams was proud to be prepared for New York Fashion Week by his experience with F.A.C.E. 

Similarly, the president of F.A.C.E. and junior music major Imani Tyson said that the club exposed her to various aspects of the modeling industry. Tyson said, “It gave me more intel to modeling on itself as opposed to just taking pictures and putting on clothes. Now I know how to model walk, and I know what a comp card is.”  

Along with modeling tips, the organization helps with problems found off the runway. “It teaches me how to operate around other people with different personalities. You basically have to keep it cute,” Williams said.  

While these experienced members are on the E-board, F.A.C.E. is a learning opportunity for all members to shimmy out of their shell and find their own runway walk. “I hope members gain a sense of personality or a deeper understanding of who they are individually by expanding their boundaries, trying new things and making connections,” Tyson said.  

Tyson has been president since the second semester of her sophomore year; however, she has been a member of the club since the second semester of her freshman year. Williams has joined the E-board this semester and said that he is excited to have a say in how the club operates. 

“I want to help others and make a fun environment where people can learn as well as enjoy,” Williams said. 

After being a member his freshmen year, Williams said, “I saw how it was done, and I really thought that I would make it so much more. If I join E-board, then I could change it.”   

Williams and other members on the E-board share the same vision. “Overall, I hope to bring unity and professionalism while inspiring everyone around us,” Tyson said. The president’s hopes are fulfilled, as Kapend said he has made connections through F.A.C.E. “Being around a lot of people is fun, and I enjoy spending time with new members that I met,” Kapend said. 

In addition to being a social outlet, the organization helps to connect members with their culture by being able to showcase it at fashion shows.  

“I get to express my Congolese culture through F.A.C.E. by showing off my confidence and wearing African attire and flags,” Kapend said. 

Even though F.A.C.E. is a form of self-expression for members, the basis of the club’s lessons teaches the fundamentals of being a model. Williams said that he wants members to take the knowledge that they learn with them.  

“I think it’s so cool that people volunteer to pass down knowledge to other members for free,” said Williams. “People pay a lot of money for modeling classes.”  

With a modeling club on campus, F.A.C.E. can be viewed as a steppingstone for students that are interested in the modeling industry, as members have the opportunity to gain connections and experience. Members meet twice a week on Mondays and Wednesdays from 7:30 P.M. to 9:30 P.M. There are no requirements or pre-requisites to join the club. 

“I think if you are consistent and open to learning, I think F.A.C.E. is for you,” Williams said. 

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