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Christian students sing in the Gospel Choir

Lexi White – Contributor

Was there ever a time you felt like you did not have a place to completely express yourself, or your faith, on campus? Art education major Stephanie Williams, a junior, gave students this safe space. Williams started the Gospel Choir Club with tremendous support last spring and has brought gospel music lovers together as one. 

Williams grew up in the Christian community and always admired the environment the choir at her church obtained. Although Williams never sang in the choir, she said, “I don’t sing personally, but gospel music really touched my soul.”  

“When you sign up for this club, you’re going to be singing gospel music and also learning why you’re singing it,” Williams said. 

Members of the choir describe Williams as a great club leader. They also said that she constructs a comforting and happy musical atmosphere. Alyssa McGregor, a freshman with a social work major and a theater minor, said, “President Stephanie is amazing. She checks in on everybody, even when we aren’t in rehearsals.”  

McGregor is one of the many powerful voices in this ensemble. She said she found out about the Gospel Choir Club from one of their welcome events held at the beginning of the fall semester. “I just got really good vibes from everybody, and I wanted to be around people who are Christian, just like me,” said McGregor.  

 Williams said, “The vision of the Gospel Choir is to spread the word of Jesus through song and music.”  She enforces this by opening and closing each rehearsal with prayer.  

McGregor supports Williams’ vision when she said, “Doing something that praises God and music at the same time is just a perfect combination.”  

“It is just a different feeling when you have other people your age in love with the same thing you are,” said business marketing major Juan Boone, a sophomore, who is another member of the choir.  

The Gospel Choir Club does not just consist of those who sing; the choir welcomes those who play instruments as well. Boone is a vital addition to the club, as he plays bass for the choir. 

Boone grew up playing the drums in church and originally started playing them for the choir. But when another member who joined was interested in playing the drums too, Boone began to play the bass for the choir instead. Boone wanted as many people to be involved in the community as possible; therefore, he did not mind switching instruments, as he had been playing the bass for the past few years. 

Because Boone had been used to playing the drums, he considers playing the bass more intriguing. He said, “I like playing the bass for the choir more because it is more of a challenge for me.”  

The Gospel Choir Club is a wonderful way to get connected with others of Christian faith. McGregor said, “If you’re a Christian on campus, there is a community here for you.”  

In addition, McGregor said that the choir is not just for believers; anyone of any practice is welcome. One can go in and simply enjoy the music or have a space to feel at ease. You can join Williams, McGregor, and Boone on Tuesdays from 6 P.M. to 8 P.M. and Fridays from 4 P.M. to 6 P.M. in Earl Hall Room 114. 

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