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Music Review: Lil Yachty releases new five song EP

Jay Mi’ Vazquez – News Editor

Rapper Lil Yachty has been on a roll since he dropped his album “Let’s Start Here,” on Jan. 27th, 2023. On Sept. 28, Yachty released a new EP titled “The Secret Recipe.”  

The five songs on this track list showcase why Yachty is one of the best artists in rap right now. The songs on the track list are “The Secret recipe” featuring J. Cole, “Tesla,” “Slide,” “Solo Steppin Crete Boy” and Strike. 

“The Secret Recipe” featuring J.Cole has been gaining attention since being released. This is one of the highest rated songs on the project, being Yachty’s first collaboration song with J.Cole.  

Yachty was able to show off his lyric abilities and unique tone of rapping. Yachty’s lyrics started with a whiny tone of voice about the challenges he faced being considered a “mumble rapper.” 

J. Cole delivered a verse full of punchlines about racial inequalities and the impact he has had on rap culture; even calling himself the greatest rapper yet.  

“Tesla” is up to par with Yachty’s unique style. It isn’t the most lyrical Yachty track, but its production makes up for it.  

The usage of catchy adlibbed hook lyrics and using a beat that could easily have fans bop their head are what make the production amazing.  

Slide is another decent track from Yachty. It does not showcase his lyrical abilities, but more of a melodic flair with the use of mumbled vocals. The instrumental relies heavily on percussion elements integrated with trap beat elements. 

“Solo Steppin Crete Boy” was one of Yachty’s tracks that was heavily anticipated by fans.  

The song was first showcased in the AMP Cypher as a freestyle with popular streamers and YouTubers Kai Cenat, Fanum, Davis, Duke Dennis, Chrisnxtdoor and Agent00.  

Kai Cenat had called Yachty during one of his livestreams asking him to release the song for the fans; Yachty agreed and put it on this project. 

Yachty’s lyrics were more advanced than most of the songs on the project. It surprised fans how capable he was able to deliver such a high-quality verse on a song that he considered a “throwaway.” 

“Strike” is by far the most popular song on the project.  

This was the first song on this project to be released before the others. It was Yachty’s first release after the career-altering “Let’s Start Here” album.  

Yachty’s sound can be compared to the viral song “Poland” he released prior to this project. Stretched out wavering vocals were used, capturing listeners attention because of how different it sounds. 

Fans heavily anticipated this track as well. Yachty’s sister was on Instagram singing along to Strike when it was unreleased. The clip of her singing it went just as viral as “Solo Steppin Crete Boy” when it was first shown to the public. 

Yachty has had such a great year for himself through music.  

This EP adds to the excitement of what else he has in store for fans for the remainder of 2023. It seems as if yachty has been brushing shoulders with the right people, setting himself apart from all the same generic sounds of music created today. 

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