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‘You Rock’ event hosted by the Program Council

Solé Scott – Features Editor

Procon hosted a rock event that included rock climbing and rock painting on the Connecticut Hall lawn across from the business building and Farnham Hall. 

The event was held on Tuesday, Sept. 19, 2023, at 12 p.m. The rock-climbing wall was the main attraction. 

Accounting major Jared Propis, a senior, is part of the Programs Council committee. 

“We host tons of events just to get people more active on campus,” said Propis. 

Students gawked at the climbable wall that the Programs Council had brought to campus. 

The Rock-climbing wall had three or four harnesses and helmets that were categorized as small medium or large. 

There were two instructors who were monitoring the students who chose the courageous activity. 

“Since I have been here, I have never seen a rock wall, which was a crazy idea that our senior pro grammar came up with,” said Propis. 

For some students, this was their first-time rock climbing. They pushed themselves to try it and when they could not reach the top they retired until they accomplished the goal. 

The sun beamed brightly almost blinding climbers, but that did not stop students from reaching the top. 

Communications major Jose Roque, a sophomore, is a programmer for ProCon. 

“We are doing a You Rock event here on campus, we have rock candy, rock painting and we have a cut out of Dwayne the Rock Johnson,” said Roque 

Other than the rock candy at the sign in table, it was also filled with an assortment of pop rocks. 

Nursing major Saana Mohammed, a sophomore is part of ProCon and attended the event with friends.  

“Just having a weird rock day. Something unusual but fun in the same way,” said Mohammed. 

There were two tables with shears that were dedicated to painting rocks. 

As the event went on cars would slowly drive past and look at what was going on at the event. 

Some drivers even honked their horns to get someone’s attention to ask what was going on. 

 “To show Southern they rock!” said Roque 

Pro con was not offering any prizes for students that climbed to the top of the wall, yet that did not matter because people were having fun. 

“Crazy idea that our senior programmer came up with and she made it happen,” said Propis. 

If students did not want to rock climb or paint a rock, they could take a picture with an unexpected guest who made an appearance. 

“We have a cutout of Dwayne the Rock Johnson,” said Roque. 

The purpose of this event was to do something on campus that would be different so students can have a reason to participate. 

ProCon will continue to host a plethora of events throughout the semester that students can get physically active or mentally active. 

The organization is hosting a near similar build-a-bear workshop in the academic quad on Tuesday, Sept. 26, 2023. 

ProCon will continue PB&J Thursday on Sept. 28, 2023, in Engelman Hall across from the bagel wagon. 

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