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Volleyball wins four in a row

Matt Cain – Contributor

The Owls’ volleyball team swept Holy Family three to zero, in a hard-fought and intense home game. The Owls dominated all three sets by sticking to their game plan. The game plan going into the game was to stay consistent and execute.  

The blocking and serving were where the Owls thrived. Outside hitter Sara Enright, senior, rallied up three blocks on her own, as well as the other outside hitter and middle blocker Carissa Michel, a freshman and Sara Stark, a freshman). Together those two had a combined five blocks.  

Coming into the game the team had been hit with lots of injuries and a change in lineups over the course of the season so far. In the game, the coaching staff made substitutions frequently and it resulted in keeping Holy Family on their heels and very stagnant.  

Head Coach Lisa Barbaro was also a factor. She coached a good game, knowing where to put her athletes and how to dominate in all sets.  

“With the injuries hitting us in the last few weeks, I had to put people in the right spots and go from there,” Coach Barbaro said.  

With the rest of the team stepping up, the Owls were able to execute perfectly and pull away.  The young core stepped up as outside hitter Ahunna James played a big role in the game with five aces and nine digs. James played a big role in the first two sets as the owls took the sets twenty-five to fourteen and then twenty-five to twenty.  

“Our plan was to play our game and play at the level we normally play at,” James said. 

This non-conference matchup improves the Owls to eight-and-five on the season, with a six-and-one record at home. In the game, the Owls passed very well. Not only did they pass well but the middle hitters and setters contributed well.  

Setter Taylor Jones racked up nine assists in the game. Jones, now in her senior season, knows how to bring the team together performance-wise.  

“We really executed today and did what we wanted to,” Jones said.  

Jones, however, looks ahead to the next big games. The Owls head into the conference play in the coming weeks. With the Owls not yet playing anyone from the NE10, This will be the toughest test this season.  

“Now that we know how to play our game, we have to stay focused on the next games because we know conference opponents are going to be tough,” Jones said.  

This game was won not only by great execution but also by great team energy. The rotation of the lineups and energy on and off the court seemed to throw off their opponent. The team’s energy is a big part of the game plan as well.  

“We have the talent on our team, but it really comes down to our energy,” Sara Enright said.  

The Owls have been playing well all year this win is the fourth straight win. They now look ahead to their next matchups against tougher opponents but the plan stays the same. High energy and big plays for different players.   

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