Today: Jun 24, 2024

This or That: “Beyoncé or Taylor Swift”

Guillermo Hernandez – Contributer

Beyoncé- “Beyoncé because she’s my queen. My favorite song from her new album ‘Renaissance’ is ‘America has a Problem.’”
— Molly Wilson

Taylor Swift- “I think Taylor Swift is so iconic. My favorite album of hers is Fearless. I discovered her when I was little, I think I was around 8 years old.”
Nursing major Grace Walsh

Beyoncé- “Beyoncé has an impact, a greater impact than Taylor Swift. I feel like Beyoncé’s music is empowering. Whereas Taylor Swift is singing about her break ups, what is that going to do for me?”
Exercise and sports science major Kayla Thelwell, a freshman

Beyoncé- “I would choose Beyoncé, because of her music. She gets me hyped.”
Kendrick Lagamao, a freshman

Beyoncé- “I just feel like Beyonce has more songs that everyone will know. I think my favorite song from her must be ‘Single Ladies.’” Psychology major Leah Hitchcock, a freshman

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