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SISTAS returns after three years

Solé Scott – Features Editor

Women of color attended the first body meeting of SISTAS after being reinstated by a new group of students. 

SISTAS meeting was held on Wednesday, Sept. 20, 2023, in the Adanti student center Room 201. 

Healthcare studies Cheekenah Jeudi, a sophomore, is the secretary for SISTAS. 

“I spoke with Destiny the president who was looking for people to be on the E-board at the time. I thought about it for a little bit and decided to be on the E board as secretary,” said Jeudi. 

The other E-board consists of Destiny Savariau as president, Aliyah Graham as Vice president and Jordan Wilson as treasurer. 

The meeting kicked off with pizza and drinks and an introduction to the E board and members that joined the meeting. 

The introduction questions consisted of student, name, major and zodiac sign. That prompted students to open more as everyone around the room went. 

Students got a sneak peek into what SISTAS are planning to do. For instance, the topics they will discuss during body meetings and events they would like to accomplish. 

Members played an icebreaker called bop or flop in which two things were displayed on the Smart Board and students had to choose if they liked it or not. 

For some categories, the room was unison, but in others it was split. 

The E-board asked multiple students per round why they chose the side that they were on, which prompted deep discourse. 

For example, a picture of Tory Lanez was displayed on the board. The majority of the room picked flop while one or two students were on the fence. 

The premise of that activity was to conversate with each other and find out the true cause of the students’ opinions 

Almost every seat was filled in the classroom as students showed their interest in the new organization. 

Education major Danika Smith, a sophomore, was interested in knowing more about the club. 

“I found out about this event because of the involvement fair,” said Smith. “I heard about this Club my freshman year, but they weren’t really fully running.” 

Psychology major Kristian Williamson, a sophomore, attended the meeting as an interested E-board member. 

“What propelled me to come to this event is that I love to support women of color and I love that we are able to have a safe space,” said Williamson. 

On their Instagram page, they are looking for an undergraduate student interested in public relations to join their team. If a student is interested in the opening, they must be a member of Owl Connect. 

“A group for minority women and we can all bond over that and talk about things in life that may be hurtful to us or stuff that we can learn and grow from,” said Smith 

During the meeting, the E-board encouraged members to contact them through GroupMe if they have any ideas for future events. 

SISTAS next body meeting will be held in Room 201 in the Adanti Student Center on Wednesday at 12 p.m. 

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