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First RHA meeting after being delayed

Solé Scott – Features Editor

Residence Hall Association had its first meeting of the semester in Farnham Programming Space on Wednesday, Sept. 20th at 1 p.m. 

The Eboard welcomed newly elected Hall Council members, hall directors, graduate interns, and resident advisors after being canceled last Wednesday due to the involvement fair.  

Business management major Asia Fairweather, a sophomore, attended the meeting for an open position. 

“I want to be treasurer for RHA, so I’m here out of interest to get more information on that,” said Fairweather.  

The meeting included a Jamaican feast from Island Spice; a restaurant located in New Heaven. 

Healthcare Studies major Jojo Louis-Fin, a sophomore, attended the meeting as a newly elected council member. 

“I am currently president of Neff Hall,” said Lois-Fin 

The Eboard introduced themselves and the other prominent figures in residence life. 

The turnout for the meeting was almost full as students piled up in chairs.  

For some students, this was their first time attending our RHA meeting. 

“It is my first RHA meeting, honestly,” said Fairweather. 

Once the food was finished being set up, students hurriedly gathered in a line to prepare their meal. 

Oxtails, jerk chicken, white rice, beans and rice, beef patty and more were available to eat.  

“I’m very hungry,” said Fairweather. 

Students were briefed on upcoming events that RHA was hosting. Also, the Eboard asked if they should revise or include anything pertaining to past events that was hosted this semester. 

Closer to the end of the meeting, the floor was open for any questions or concerns, and no one held back on their concerns. 

Students put on blast the lack of workable objects, Wi-Fi, and elevators not working in their respective residence halls. 

Associate Director of Residence Life for Programming Mandi Kuster and a new member of maintenance was present and answered all concerns. 

“A great place to advocate for yourself,” said Louis-Fin. “If you feel like you weren’t heard it’s good to go to RHA because they will put it on blast for all the hall directors to know.” 

Undecided major Alanni Browne- Jones, a sophomore, is vice president of Neff Hall and attended the meeting. 

“I wanted to get a feel for what I had to do and share any ideas that I have,” said Browne-Jones. 

New Hall Council members were given a rundown on how to connect with RHA if they are planning an event. 

For instance, if a hall needs more money to get more food or wants to collaborate with RHA on a bigger scale. 

“I’m hoping that I can continue to hold this position for this semester and hopefully get RA for midyear hire or next fall semester,” said Browne-Jones. 

The purpose for these meetings is for the betterment of students living on campus. 

“I know it sounds a little wrong but to give your Hall directors and GI a little bit of embarrassment so that they know like hey I have to fix this problem, this is an issue,” said Louis-Fin. 

RHA is bringing the first 90 students that sign up on Owl Connect on Monday September 25th to the Big E. 

At the end of the event, students could get more food, as there were portions left. 

RHA Meetings are every Wednesday at 1 p.m. in the Farnham programming space. 

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