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North campus holds first bonfire event

Solé Scott – Features Editor

A popular camping norm made its way to North Campus Midrise Wednesday night as music filled the upper-class students’ air. 

Students made their way to the firepit that is placed between the townhouses and midrise, which is behind the Moore Field House and past the football field. 

Business administration major Demarr Bryant, a senior, is a resident advisor in North who oversaw the event. 

“They do this every Wednesday, but my coworker and I built on this event, and we got some raffle tickets, and you could win a gift card,” Bryant said. 

The night was pitch black, yet the one lonely fire pit illuminated the sky and surrounding area of grass. 

An event like this seems to be a place to grab a snack at night, yet is there a purpose for having this get-together every Wednesday? 

“Community building, everyone hanging out, everyone having a good time,” Bryant said. 

As time went on, more and more students made their way over to join the festivities. 

The resident advisors of the North campus created this event to become a hangout spot for residents and commuters. 

Communications disorder major Jailene Brito, a sophomore, attended the light night event with friends. 

“I came to hang out with my friends and to chill out,” Brito said. 

Nursing major Alyssa Felix, a junior, is a resident who lives on the North campus. 

“I went to the S’mores event because I wanted to be more involved on campus and I figured that would be the first step by going to an event in my building,” Felix said. 

Students eagerly waited in line to pick out their s’more ingredients to manufacture the savory treat. 

Students that just got out of class and made their way over to North campus to create s’mores before they head home. 

Water and Capri Sun were offered to students throughout the night as they feasted andasted marshmallows by the fire. 

The roasting of the marshmallows was hilarious as a few students accidentally burnt them until they became too crunchy to consume, leaving some playfully mad. 

The event planners took proper precautions to make sure no one got injured around the fire by posting a safety worker near the pit. 

Students happily skipped all over as they saw friends coming to the event. 

Fortunately, this event runs every Wednesday around the same time 8 p.m. because students would come again. 

“Absolutely I would go again, it’s delicious,” Felix said. 

This is what Bryant and his coworker want to see as he previously stated the purpose of this event is to generate conversations amongst students that will build bonds throughout the school year. 

“The music and everybody around us was my favorite part of the event,” Brito said. 

Overall, the event seemed to be good as students excitedly made s’mores and roasted multiple marshmallows while listening to music that was blasting through a speaker. 

Hopefully, this event will continue throughout the semester so students can continue to create those bonds and share delicious s’mores. 

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