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Multicultural Center celebrates changes

Solé Scott – Features Editor

The first Multicultural Center event of the semester was not only successful but monumental. 

The event was held on Thursday, Aug. 31 at 4 p.m. in the ballroom and surprised the audience with a special guest, new Interim President Dr. Dwayne Smith. 

Business administration major Reynna Singelton, a sophomore and peer mentor, went to the event with her INQ class. 

“I really thought it was important for my students to learn a little bit more about the Multicultural Center, MCC, especially as incoming first years,” Singelton said.  

The event was an introduction to the SAGE center, Interfaith office and MCC combined under one umbrella.  

Dian Brown Albert’s new title is Director of the Center for Intercultural Engagement. 

The food was a hit as dishes from around the world were served, such as jerk chicken, empanadas, chicken tikka masala, crab ragoon, and many more. 

 Computer science major Sanjay Sutherland, a junior, attended the event with business major Daniel Lustin, a junior. 

“I really came here for the food,” said Lustin. 

The event included a bingo game where you had to collect other students’ signatures if the words in a box resonated with them. This encouraged students to socialize with others and make conversation with a new friend.  

Students were excited as they made their way to the front to drop off their completed bingo cards. The prizes were displayed on a table in front of the room. 

Diverse cultural groups displayed their traditional dances as the audience excitedly took pictures and videos.  

“As a student leader on campus I love going to different events and learning about different cultures and departments on campus,” said Sutherland. 

Staff conversed in conversation with all students who wanted to know more about the program and what the MCC offers. 

 Computer science major Atticus Johnson, a sophomore, is a peer mentor who took his class to the reception too.  

“I wanted to show them a resource on campus where they can learn different cultures and have a safe place on campus,” Johnson said.  

Johnson mentioned that a safe place is important because the MCC is all about providing equality amongst the community for the betterment of students and staff. 

This reception was an introduction to the diverse voices and leadership roles the university has to offer. This was a great opportunity for first-year students to lend their voices to the greater cause. 

At the end of the reception, there was a dance part that staff and students participated in. Cultures united and enjoyed African music, Spanish music, and American music. 

Dr. Dwayne Smith even joined the cha-cha slide and cupid shuffle. That was a treat to watch because everyone was truly having an enjoyable time. 

“It was an awesome opportunity for my students to meet other students around, especially student leadership positions,” Smith said.  

The MCC event was stunning and worthwhile. The MCC has moved from its old room to the old computer lab on the second floor of the Adanti Student Center. 

The MCC office is open Monday through Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., and 8:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. on Friday.


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