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Folio Magazine prepares for release party

Ali Fernand Features Editor

FOLIO Magazine is preparing for the release of their 2023 magazine. This contains a collection of writing, poetry and artwork by students who chose to submit. 

“On Friday, we’re going to be having a large release party where there will be free copies of the book provided,” Editor-in-chief of FOLIO Ethan Sabetta said.  

This process took a year long, starting in the fall semester. The length and contents of the book made for a long process in submissions, reviewing and layout.  

“We collect submissions during the first half of the year and then over winter break, we have the genre editors read them over and determine which ones to accept,” Sabetta said.  

All of the submissions are from students at the university. The staff also consists of students, making this a creative representation of the people on campus. This can be work from different creative classes or it can be something a student worked on during their free time.  

“A lot of the creative writing professors and the art professors encourage students to submit their end of semester work to the magazine,” Sabetta said.  

For the editors, the reviewing and layout process has been very time consuming. While they have been doing this, they have continued to hold their monthly events.  

“I helped to edit and choose the pieces that we wanted to select for the magazine this semester, as well as helping to do open mics and create fliers,” poetry editor Alynn Balocca said.  

Every first Friday of the month, FOLIO holds an open mic for students to participate in. Here, students can choose to attend and even perform a piece of their choosing. The editors like to take this as an opportunity to get to know students who might want to submit to the magazine.  

The three main sections that will be featured in the magazine will be creative writing, poetry and artwork. Though each section has a diverse selection of pieces.  

“We have collages, sculptures, painting, a wide range of fiction, and we’ve got some autobiographical memoir type works,” Sabetta said.  

The book is going to be 128 pages long, with about 90 of those pages being dedicated to submissions from students. Each editor had to decide what pieces stood out to them the most.  

“My favorite piece was actually my selection for this year called Roe Overturned, and it’s the description of Roe v Wade being overturned but described as an ocean,” Balocca said.  

This is the place where artists and creative writers can get their work published at the university. Unlike the other student media organizations, it focuses purely on the creative aspects of the students at the university.  

“We are a little bit different than some of the other media and the creative media organizations here,” Sabetta said.  

Sabatella and the assistant editor oversee managing the magazine. The section editors are more focused on their own judgment of their section choice. Each of them has knowledge about their different topics. 

“We didn’t want to impose too many of our own opinions on it, we wanted the genre editors to have the chance to really create their element of the magazine themselves,” Sabetta said.  

The editors had a chance to learn about the process of publishing the magazine. They get to focus on their interests while also learning the process of creating a fully published piece of work.  

“It’s been very helpful to see at the beginning how we start gathering submissions into the end to understand how with all these submissions we must combine them together,” Balocca said.  

The full magazine will be available to students at the release party which FOLIO holds every year at the end of the magazine. Between the submissions, reviewing and editing of the pieces, this was a long process.  

“We like to give students a large amount of time to create their work because we only accept what we consider to be the best for publishing that particular year,” Sabetta said. 

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