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Lacrosse team loses 15-11 versus SNHU

Matt CainContributor

The Owls lost an intense and competitive game to NE10 matchup rival Southern New Hampshire, SNHU 15-11.  

The Owls season so far has been a work in progress, this game put them at 7-5 for the year and 3-5 in conference play. Even though the Owls suffered another loss, they played a great game.  

Midfielder Brianna Shaw, a junior scored two goals in the game. She would be accompanied by, attack Bayleigh Tackas, a graduate student and attack Karlie Rowe, a graduate student.  

Tackas along with her three goals, also had two assists. She assisted Rowe on two of her game-high five goals.  With the game not going in the direction the owls wanted, they had to stick to the game plan and keep competing. Both teams would rack up on penalties in the first half. This, however, is something that the Owls couldn’t control in the first half.  

SNHU would lead the first quarter playing physically and scoring four unanswered goals.  The owls fought back in the second scoring on back-to-back attempts. The end result wasn’t what they wanted but, there are a lot of positives that came out of the game.  

“We have to adjust on the fly, when something doesn’t go our way, especially when it’s uncontrollable,” Rowe said. 

  With the game being dictated in a different way than planned, the owls adjusted on the fly as said, they would come out of the half narrowing the lead down to just two goals. Rowe played a big factor in the comeback. She was one of the key scorers in the second half.  

  SNHU is a top-25 team in the conference, They are usually known for their defensive ability and ways to cause turnovers.   

The Owls would get a turnover in every quarter of the game. Takacs, would get face guarded, even though she had a great game. With her being face guarded, that would eventually be a turnover.  Takacs being face guarded, made it harder for her to score. So, she then impacted the game in a different way. She racked up two assists in the third quarter.  

“I stayed composed, we immediately change our offensive scheme, and that caused me to set more pics and get my teammates involved,” Takacs said. 

The game was close, and the Owls fought hard, the head Coach Kevin Siedlecki was nothing less than proud. Going into the game, the Owls had a good chance of winning.  Coach Siedlecki knew they could compete with them. The defense and physicality that Southern New Hampshire played didn’t shock coach or make the coaching staff nervous.  

“We are just as physical as anybody, The key was to stay composed and stick to the gameplan,” Siedlecki said. 

Siedlecki saw many positives in the game. The biggest one being the way they adapted to Southern New Hampshire throughout the game.  

In the last quarter on the game, the Owls fought back to within two points. SNHU would score three more times to seal the game. The last three goals, the Owls broke down defensively. With those goals coming in crunch time, Siedlkiski takes full responsibility.  

“It’s on me, we didn’t run through our defense, being that we only had a couple days before the game,” Siedlecki said. 

Siedlecki also stated a lot of people didn’t know where to be and how to play their defensive setup. With this loss, the Owls showed their biggest strength. 

 The Owls have been going out and competing against all their opponents. This has been something that team has struggled with, they couldn’t find their identity in the past years.  

The Owls now show competitiveness and creating challenges for all of their opponents. They now find themselves on the road and facing another top 25 teams in University of New Haven and then Hartford. They look to compete and give their opponents another hard-fought game.  

Attack Savannah Feinburg, a junior, carries the ball against opposing player. (Luke Molwitz)

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