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Stewart plays every game like it is his last chance

Sheldon Gargano Contributor

As a first-year, Stewart did not see any playing time for the SCSU men’s basketball team, due to injury. But now early on into his sophomore season he is about to get started. 

“My goals for this season are to win and just play every game like it’s my last chance to win, lose or draw. I just want to show that I leave my heart out on the floor,” Stewart said. 

Stewart has a busy schedule when it comes to being a student-athlete.  

“My daily schedule is pretty much waking up at eight a.m. and getting ready for class and I must be in a class by 9 a.m.,” said Stewart. “In between I’m getting some breaks and then I’m done with classes by 1. Depending upon the day I might grab a bit to eat in my break time but most of the time I don’t eat until after practice around 2:30 p.m. After I am done with that around 4-4:30 p.m. I shower, eat, do homework and repeat.” 

Stewart may have a hefty schedule balancing school and basketball but always manages to make it work. Stewart’s teammates had only positive things to say about him. 

“K is a unique person; on the court he is a freak. Off the court he is like a brother to me,” said Cherif Diarra, a sophomore basketball player. 

Growing up, Stewart had a few favorite players that gave him motivation to play the game of basketball.  

“My favorite player is MJ (Michael Jordan) and I like Tmac (Tracy McGrady). They both did so much in the game, Tmac was just hurt a lot,” said Stewart. 

Having those inspirations gave Stewart what he needed to put the work in, so that he could have the opportunity of playing at the next level. Before Southern he was a two-time All-State and three-time All-Conference selection at Prince Tech (Conn.) High School, according to the Southern Owls Basketball page. 

Stewart, being that competitive person and player, sees that as a team players must work together to reach those goals they work for as athletes. Also, knowing himself as a player helps improve his game. 

He said, “Team chemistry is very important, and I would say I try my best to work on team chemistry because if you don’t like playing with your teammate you won’t play well and get the results you’re looking for.” 

 Stewart also added, “I try to keep it simple as a player having – intensity, competitive drive.” 

Stewart’s just-wanting-to-win mentality even rubs off on teammates. Sean James said, 

“K pushes me to be better because he’s giving maximum effort all the time, so you just have to match that whenever you’re on the court with him,” said Sean James, a sophomore basketball player. “On the court can be reserved at times. He likes to really know what he’s doing before he does it. He’s never afraid to ask questions and I see him as a brother.” 

Stewart is ready for the challenges that await him this upcoming season and to have his teammates backs as well. 

“Basketball has helped me develop in many ways as a person. It helped me define my character and how to act,” said Stewart. 

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