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Muslim Student Association ‘Karam’ fundraiser

Destene Savariau News Writer

Meaning generosity in Arabic, Karam is also the name of the fundraiser dinner the Muslim Student Association held. 

With guests from Quinnipiac, the University of New Haven and the local Muslim community, the event was a rousing success in bringing people together to spread awareness. 

“This event is for Syrian refugees and people who have been struggling with what’s going on in Syria, and the foundation uses donations to help them out,” said Vice President of MSA Razan Abunar. “We just wanted to spread that message. we wanted to spread the message around to anybody who would listen, and people who can donate and help out the cause.”  

Karam representative Rema Majzoub introduced the non-profit charity and explained how they strive to make lives better for Syrian people who their country has displaced. 

“Many Syrian children have to grow up used to the sounds of bombs dropping. We strive to offer a place where these people can feel at home. A place where we redefine what it means to be a refugee by providing community, mentorship, and innovative education to Syrian youth and families,” said Majzoub. 

The community members who came to show support were singer, Elman Nusrat, who serenaded guests with original songs and local restaurant, Ali Baba’s Kitchen, who sponsored the dinner. In addition was Imam, a Muslim worship leader, Omar Bajwa. He explained how as Muslims, they understand why charity work is essential. The donations from this event not only help the people but helps to make them humbler and more appreciative of what they have been given.  

“I loved the event. I think it had the perfect amount of people to feel like we reached a lot of people but also not too much where our message gets lost among too many people,” said Computer Science major Shahzaib Raza, a freshman. 

President of the MSA Sarah Majzoub asked why the importance was so important to her. As someone born in Syria but was fortunate enough not to experience war, she has many extended families still living there. 

“It is still devastating to see what has happened in my country and how the people have been strongly affected. So I wanted to help create change,” said Majzoub. “My goal was for people to stop overlooking the tragedies that happen around the world and instead of having the mindset of not being able to do anything, they’d become more inclined to want to help. This was my first big event that helped to change lives as president of MSA and I hope it won’t be the last,” said Majzoub. 

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