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“Let’s Start Here” Lil Yachty Review

Ali FernandFeatures Editor

Lil Yachty has just released a shocking new album called “Let’s Start Here.” Until this release, he has been known for his left-of-center style both in his style and music. This made him a well-known person in rap in the mid-2010s. However, he never garnered the type of attention his fellow XXL freshman class of 2016 received. This included Lil Uzi Vert, Denzel Curry, Anderson Paak, 21 Savage and others. These rappers have become widely celebrated for their creative projects, often becoming groundbreaking landmarks for the genre.  

Though it took some time, Lil Yachty has become a musician to watch recently. First, he gained some attention with his song “Poland.” This track is extremely short, but it gained attention for its odd vocals and lyrics. His voice is autotuned with an aggressive vibrato. This song remains in the hip-hop genre, but it was a step toward something creative for him. It immediately became a viral hit because it was a step people were surprised yet pleased to hear. 

“Let’s Start Here,” which was released on Friday, Jan. 27th, is an even bigger step to absurdity for Lil Yachty. Just like Anderson Paak, he has put his foot in a different genre with roots from decades before. This album is most definitely a psychedelic rock album. Much of the guitar, synth and drum patterns are reminiscent of Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon.” Though inspired by an era of experimental rock, Lil Yachty is still able to insert his own personality and style.  

This is one of those projects that would first have someone wondering how it could be pulled off. However, Lil Yachty’s odd vocal delivery fits in perfectly with the instrumentation. The first song on the album, “the BLACK seminole.” is a nearly seven-minute track. Its length is intimidating, but it has the most beautiful build to introduce the album. The song begins with fluttering synths which are then built on with a soft rhythm guitar and slower groovy drums. The middle of the song even features a guitar solo to then fade into a dreamy piano bridge. The song ends with its loudest moment yet, with pounding drums and guitar.  

The other tracks are not as intense as its opener, but they still have their standout moments. They are laid-back, groovy, but still contain transitions and builds. They also feature his vibrato that was a standout in “Poland.” The fifth track, “:(failure(:,” with its odd title features an even wilder moment. Lil Yachty takes this song to deliver a spoken word poem. It is an extremely vulnerable moment for him, where he speaks about the struggles he has gone through mentally. However, he turns this into a moment where he comforts himself.  

“I kinda look at everything, like, well, no matter what, I mean, it could be worse, you know, like, okay, say, say like I lost a finger, okay, well, I still have nine,” he says.  

This is a breath of fresh air compared to the other lyrics in this album. Lyrically, Lil Yachty touches on his struggles with fame, mental health, and heartbreak. He speaks about the void he feels inside. This has led him to try to fill it with drugs to the point of losing his vision.  

Though he talks about drugs a lot, this becomes a metaphor for the brighter moments. The positive moments on this album are about love, saying that he is going to overdose on love. Lil Yachty shows his sweet side on these tracks, getting so wholesome that he ends “WE SAW THE SUN!” with a quote from the beloved artist Bob Ross.  

Overall, this album is a monumental moment for Lil Yachty. This album is creative, deep, new and interesting. Lil Yachty has become an artist that music lovers should keep on their radar. 

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