Kooky and Spooky Addams Spin-off

Sarah Shelton Photo Editor

“You’re just kinda, kooky,” Tyler said. 

“I prefer spooky,” Wednesday Addams replied. 

Netflix recently released their movie with Tim Burton titled, “Wednesday.” This series is an Addams family spinoff focusing on high school aged Wednesday Addams. 

Wednesday was played by the amazing actress, in my opinion, Jenna Ortega. Ortega has been in many recent films including Scream 5, The Fallout and X. 

I found her to be an amazing Wednesday Addams, and one of the other older Wednesday Addams’ actors, Christina Ricci, also starred in this series with a marvelous part. 

The series starts off with Wednesday being sent off to Nevermore Academy with all the other outcasts including werewolves, sirens, vampires and more. All this because she put some piranhas in a pool? 

Wednesday meets her roommate, Enid, who is completely different than her. She is colorful, talkative and most definitely a hugger. 

Spoiler alert: Throughout the series, Enid and Wednesday become best friends. Wednesday may not admit it, but in one of the last scenes, she does accept a hug from Enid after her life is saved. 

Throughout the series, Wednesday puts her other peers in danger by exploring many secrets of the school. Why is her father accused of murder? Why is Rowan scared of her? Why is she going to be the one to either take down or save the school? Who is the monster killing innocent people? 

Wednesday still writes her novel and participates in school activities while investigating. Some of these activities are fencing, classes and helping Enid win a boat race to get back at siren, Bianca Barley. 

I must mention, Bianca had a great role. However, it did feel like the “classic mean girl actually ends up being good.” They always only seem mean because of struggles in their personal life. She ends up being much help throughout the show. 

Throughout all these investigations, Wednesday’s clear priority, Wednesday gets psychic visions that help her solve the case, but also lead her into much danger. This includes her first kiss being a serial killer, the serial killer who also happened to save her from Rowan. 

During some of these psychic visions, Wednesday is visited by one of her ancestors, Goody Addams. Morticia, Wednesday’s mother, warns her to be careful as Wednesday is a raven. She sees the world through a darker lens. 

One of my favorite characters, Xavier Thorpe, is accused by Wednesday herself of being the monster. Xavier and the man who ends up being the killer are both fascinated with Wednesday, and she clearly picked the wrong one. Who knew Wednesday Addams could be blinded by love?  

Goody, Xavier, Enid and Wednesday take down a pilgrim man that gets brought back to life by the secretly hateful and crazy teacher. We also cannot forget Eugene Otinger, the guy who saved Wednesday with his bees.  

From the crazy plot to the characters and the outfits to the plot twists, I loved this entire series. Ortega really took the Wednesday Addams character and made it her own, yet you can tell she had great inspiration from previous Wednesday Addams. 

“Did you hear that my little storm cloud?” Gomez Addams, her father, addressed to Wednesday. 

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