Future Star at Southern: Freshman Looks to Make it Big in Music

Trumayne Guy – Contributor

This past August on Move-In Day, Christian Caruso, musically referred to as Kid Caruso, brought along his passion for music to the university.  

“I actually have a set-up in my room with a mic, headphones and my laptop,” said the Wolcott, CT native. “I also brought my guitar. I like to work on music any time I have free time.” 

At the university, there is an underground presence of music artists on campus. Business marketing major from Connecticut, Christian Caruso, a freshman who plans on minoring in music, is a Hip-Hop/R&B/Pop artist on the rise. Music is something that he is passionate about, and continues to bring it with him everywhere he goes. 

The passion to create is something that started at a young age for Caruso, who started writing songs at the young age of six. It was his family and their Christian faith that inspired his music early on.  

“I grew up in a Christian family, so the songs I was writing at first were Christian-based,” said Caruso. “My grandpa did music for the church so he got me into it.” 

From then on, his expertise grew and by 11 years old his songwriting became more advanced.  

“By 13 or 14-years-old I was making full-fledged songs with production,” said Caruso. “This is when I started going to the studio.” 

Not only is Caruso inspired by family, but also by him grasping songwriting so well. 

“It’s a natural talent, you know? I love doing it and I’m good at it. It’s a passion,” Caruso said.  

After 8th grade, Caruso moved from Naugatuck to Wolcott for high school, which is where he began to truly put himself out there, posting music on major platforms along with posting more promotion on social media platforms.  

On his TikTok account, @kid_caruso, he began to receive some traction, with his video promoting his song “On Me” receiving 37,800 views and over 2,000 likes. More eyes were on Caruso, bringing on fellow musicians that took a liking to his music.  

“I started to have a lot of producers hitting me up,” said Caruso, “but I work with this one guy out in St. Louis named Will Lorenz. He’s been producing most of my stuff.” 

Lorenz is a music producer and engineer who is also co-founder of Mob Monopoly, a collective of producers that sell beats along with selling sample packs and drum kits on their website, mobmonopolyrecords.com.  

Not only does Caruso receive support from people on social media, but also from his loving parents, who anticipate great things from their musically-inclined son. 

Caruso’s mother, Stephanie Chimera, describes herself as “his biggest fan.” “He’s smart, funny and talented. I can’t wait to hear him on the radio one day,” she said. 

Richard Chimera, Caruso’s father, believes that his son’s stardom is bound to happen. 

“We’re just sitting around waiting for the world to discover him because he’s already better than anything out there,” said Chimera. 

Regardless of the people believing or not believing in him, Caruso believes in himself and plans on taking his music to new heights. He sees himself eventually on a big stage but until then, he’ll be mastering his craft here at the university. 

Christian Caruso posing in his Hickerson Hall dorm in front of his recording set-up; New Haven, Connecticut; Monday, Sept. 26, 2022 (Trumayne Guy) 

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