Ghouls and ghosts haunt students in Hickerson Hall

Ali FernandFeatures Editor

Jaylen Carr Sports Editor

Spooky music, horror film-inspired costumes and an endless amount of jump scares were prevalent through the dark basement of Hickerson Hall. The residential advisers and leaders of Hickerson Hall hosted their annual “Haunted Hick” event, to get students into the Halloween spirit.  

“Haunted Hickerson is something Hickerson has been doing for years,” Graduate Hall Director of Hickerson Christain Minaya said. 

Minaya said that Hickerson Hall always tries to plan events to get students involved on campus around the Halloween season. This includes students who live on campus and those who live off campus.  

According to Graduate Intern Zaiyah McKenzie-Henderson, this is an annual event at Hickerson. She has been attending it every year since she was a freshman.  

“We try to get people on campus, especially commuters and residential students to get scared at our haunted house,” said Minaya. “It’s free and they can get scared by students that actually live here as well.” 

All the actors in the haunted house were students at the university. According to one of the actors, Elisa Tolentino, a fifth year Interdisciplinary Studies major, they had spent about three weeks preparing for this event. The objective of these student actors was to jump scare those who attended the event.  

Elisa Tolentino was playing an evil twin alongside her sister Eliana Tolentino. They were dressed in white shirts covered in fake blood and messy braids.  

“Everyone always distinguishes us as twins even though I’m two years older,” Elisa Tolentino said. 

They were in the section called the “playroom.” This was full of creepy toys and actors dressed as evil children. Elisa Tolentino was not a fan of horror but was convinced to participate by her boyfriend who works at Hickerson Hall. However, Eliana Tolentino is a fan of horror, noting that she loves the Trail of Terror that takes place in Wallingford, CT.  

Neither of them has been involved in a haunted house before. This event was their debut as Halloween actors. They both said they were excited for the opportunity to try something new and be involved on campus.  

Studio Art Major Noelle Woods, a freshman, was another one of the actors. She said this was her favorite time of the year because she has always been a fan of horror.  

“I love horror stuff in general. The fact that we are doing a haunted house was interesting to me,” said Woods.  

Woods said this was an amusing event for the residents and a great way to get students involved. This is one of a few Halloween events that take place on campus.  

“It’s just a fun thing for all people that love horror,” said Woods. “It’s a great thing to get involved in even if you don’t live in the building.” 

The run time to get through the haunted house was about two minutes. Though it was quick, everyone had their hands over their mouth as they walked back upstairs.  

Many of the students exited the basement close to their group of friends. There was not anyone who went through the haunted house alone.  

“Everyone was holding onto my jacket. It was legit pitch black,” attendee and Sports Management Major Nicholas Fournier, a freshman, said. 

Fournier specifically liked the Michael Myers character that stood behind the strobe lights in the first room of the house. He said he started to tease his friend group by walking slowly through the house to freak them out.  

Though this is an annual event for Hickerson Hall, the residential advisors and hall director put efforts in for other types of events on campus. According to the university’s Office of Student Involvement website, Hickerson Hall Council plans events that are designed to encourage residents to get to know each other and meet non-residential students. 

Residential Adviser Marisa Howard, a sophomore, said this event would be considered as Hickerson’s social event for this semester. Hickerson hosts social and educational events throughout the semester.  

“We wanted to do something that was spooky to get people in the Halloween spirit,” said Howard. 

Photos: Luke Molwitz

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