Getting into sports: Sports Column

Sarah SheltonPhoto Editor

I will be honest, I do not know much about sports. The only sport that stays relevant in my life is Roller Derby; “go Widow Makers!” However, lately, I have been getting into football. 

I am not the type of girl to sit and enjoy sports on a TV, but seeing it in person is actually really fun. Growing up I watched my brother play baseball and often went to see the New Britian Rock Cats games. While they might not be MLB games, I was definitely my brother’s biggest fan, even though baseball bored me. 

I know absolutely nothing about hockey, but I love watching it in-person. I make jokes that it is because I am French-Canadian, but something about it just always intrigued me. According to the National Hockey League website, 80% of Canada watched the final men’s hockey game during the 2010 Olympics. I hope my family members up there joined. 

The only sport I ever got really into was wrestling. I watched WWE as a child and even saw them live in Hartford and had the action figures. But does that really count? I played a little volleyball in middle school as well. However, recently, I have been interested in the university football games. 

The first game I went to this semester, I left after watching the dance team at halftime. We were losing very bad, still at zero points. That game ended with the university only having seven points. They then had a six-game losing streak. 

With my new interest, I  went to the homecoming game. I did not watch from the start as I was busy playing the carnival games, but when I finally got to the bleachers I saw it was 17-0 and was very excited to finally see a good game going. Also, I would like to mention that the dance team and cheerleaders did awesome at halftime! It was cool seeing both perform at the same time. 

As a busy college student who works for multiple media outlets, is taking a capstone seminar and has tons of homework, I do not get to go out to the university games as much as I would like to. Because of this, I try to keep up with the NFL, even if I do not watch the games in full. 

The team my brother likes is the Saints. My brother and dad have actually gone to New Orleans a few times to see the games  and every year for Christmas I get my brother Saints-related stuff. So much to a point where my dog steals Saints hats from around the house.  

So, I guess we are a Saints household now. So that Is really the only one I check, with an occasional glance on the New York Giants. 

Recently, I saw the Bengals beat the Saints 30-26; pretty close. However, I will hold onto the fact that they beat the Seahawks earlier this month 39-32. We will see on Oct. 30 what happens next against the Raiders. 
I hope to see more intense games, like the Saints, at the university instead of these reoccurring landslides of one team beating the other by a large amount. 

Sarah’s Dog, Jax, holding a Saint’s Hat

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