Jones sets program record for most assists

Jaylen CarrSports Editor

Taylor Jones holds the single-program record for most assists at 57 in volleyball here on campus. 

Jones set that record back on Nov. 6, 2021, playing against Assumption University. Jones’s hometown of Middletown, New York was the place where she fell in love with the game of volleyball thanks to her mom’s best friend who was the high school volleyball coach.  

 “I had a really good experience with high school volleyball, and I think that’s why it translated to college,” said Jones.  

Jones attended Pine Bush High School where she became an All-State and All-Conference selection. Jones, also, played multiple sports growing up. 

“I played basketball, I ran track, and I played softball,” Jones said. “Once volleyball started everything was out the window.” 

Jones also was surrounded by an athlete when she was growing up. Jones said that her father, James Jones, played quarterback at Lackawanna College  in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Jones said that she appreciates her parents because of their support. 

Setter and defensive specialists, Jones, junior is having a tremendous season thus year. She had a 51-assist game back on Sept. 28, 2022, against Assumption University. Jones said she credits her teammates for her success this season.   

“There is no way that I can get an assist if my hitters don’t kill the ball and there’s no way I can set my hitters if I don’t get a good pass,” said Jones.  

Jones said she participates in the team’s pre-game rituals, but she also has her own that she does before every game. 

“I listen to the same songs every day before our games. I like the song ‘1942 Flows’ by Meek Mill and I like to listen to Megan Tee Stallion because she pumps me up,” Jones said. 

 Jones said she’s been lucky to have great coaches her whole career so far. But the coach that has been most influential on her career is Namarie Gordan who was her club volleyball coach. 

“He opened my eyes to a new side of volleyball that I thought I knew. His way of play was a lot more free,” Jones said. 

Once Jones joined the university’s volleyball team, she said that it was an adjustment at first because her club coach and her current head coach have different styles of teaching.  

Head Coach Lisa Barbaro said Jones is very athletic and quick to get the ball. 

“She is very good in her decision making and keeping a quick tempo offense,” said Barbaro. 

Coach Barbaro said Jones is a leader on the team because of the position she plays on the court.  

“She has shown a lot of growth coming into this team,” said Barbaro., “We are glad to have her, and I think she has made her mark in our program ever since she’s gotten here.” 

Outside hitter Kacey Deecher, a junior, said Jones has been a great leader especially with the freshman on the team.  

Deecher said, “She is one of the strongest leaders on the team. She always brings good energy and a positive attitude.” 

Deecher said Jones is very athletic and encouraging. She is very easy to approach and talk to.  

“She wants what’s best for the team at the end of the day and I feel like that’s very important,” said Deecher.  

Deecher said she remembers one day where the team had a rough day at  practice and Jones encouraged and motivated the team.  

“She came to practice and she printed out all these inspirational quotes,” said Deecher.  

Jones would also send inspirational messages through the team’s group chat every week to keep everyone inspired and driven, said Deecher.  

Deecher said not only she is a phenomenal player, but she is a phenomenal student as well.  

“I’m most impressed by her taking on so much responsibilities especially at a young age,” Deecher said. “She is a very well-rounded person.” 

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