A Case for Expanding the Food Court – opinion

Joey Merly Copy Editor

As a commuter student, I do not go to the university’s eating establishments as often as residents. However, I do like the eating options and I tend to use the food court at Adanti Food Center a lot. In order to save money, sometimes, I pack my own food and bring it to school. Either way, I am at the university long enough where if I do not eat, it will be a problem.  

I have also gone to Connecticut Hall but I do not like the food there as much. However, Connecticut Hall has many more food options than the food court. 

Aesthetically, the food court is well designed. It is an open space with tables that are regularly sanitized. Many students tend to congregate there; it functions very well as a social environment for students to meet and converse in. It also has tall windows which let in all the outside light. This gives a bright, exuberant vibe. 

The service of the food court is executed in a very timely manner, and they always get your order right. I do not see many if any people complaining about the staff or the speed at which people get their orders for food. 

The food court has multiple options, such as the famous chicken tenders and fries and burritos. You can put many different combinations of food items in the burritos, subs and wraps. Personally, my favorite is the chicken wrap. However, I believe that the food court lacks enough options. 

Connecticut Hall has a lot more options from pizza, pasta, lasagna, ice-cream and many more. Those aforementioned items are not offered in the Adanti Student Center. I think it is important for the food court to expand its options, particularly, because Connecticut Hall tends to be the place for residents as they have breakfast, lunch and dinner. Unlike the food court, where all the food is closed at 4:30 pm and it opens at 11:00am. So, there are no breakfast or dinner options. Except for Dunkin which, understandably, has longer hours. 

I would argue that the food court should have many of the options that Connecticut Hall offers. This way, in case certain students do not enjoy the food at Connecticut Hall, they have more options available to them at Adanti Student Center. It is also logical given that the food court and Connecticut Hall are the only two major dining areas on campus. Therefore, they should be similar to the number of options they have and their hours. 

It would be better if the food court had more options because I think it should operate as a place for commuters. Of course, residents should be able to use it but many commuters may have to stay for later classes in the evening. In that case, they should have more options at the food court if they do not like the options or the food at Connecticut Hall.  

For example, if a student has a class from 6:25 pm- 7:40pm and they have a 30-minute drive, they may want to arrive there early enough to eat food and, obviously, be there in time for class. If a student does not prefer the options at Connecticut Hall, it is only fair for the food court to expand its hours so that their options are available for a commuter in that similar kind of situation. 

Additionally, some commuters may have friends who are residents. Consequently, they may want to have meals with residents and it is fairer if they have more food options to engage in those activities.  

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