New Mario character movie seems inauthentic – review

Ali Fernand  Features Editor

The new and official “SUPER MARIO BROS: MOVIE” trailer has been the buzz of Twitter and gaming fans. This is a new collection to the video games gone-film franchise. It joins Sonic and Resident Evil in movies that are based on video games. It has had very mixed reviews. People were pleased with some aspects but felt they are were missing out on others.  

The trailer begins with a large, rock, Bowser ship taking shooting flames and spiked balls. It slowly approaches the ice castle with menacing music. Once again, it seems as if Bowser is up to no good. It then expands to a large shot showing that Bowser’s ship has arrived. I and many other Nintendo fans have felt that Bowser’s ship has a Darth Vader’s Death Star tone to it.  

Then it shows a shot of the Koopa Troopa Army. Koopas are popular characters from many of the Mario series games, including Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Galaxy, and Mario Kart series. The lead Koopa, Kamek, then introduces the “King of the Koopas.” Kamek is voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson who is known for his work in “Lilo & Stitch,” “Family Guy” and “Teen Titans Go!”. Despite the short snippet of his performance, he seems to be a perfect choice for a goofy character. In just six words he can make a grand introduction to the beloved character. 

Bowser then emerges from the flames within the ship before his army of Koopas. Even his own army shivers before him. Bowser is voiced by comedy legend Jack Black known for “School of Rock,” “Kung Fu Panda” and “Nacho Libre.” I am already a huge fan of Jack Black. However, I have to say that I am beyond impressed with his performance as Bowser. Black is known for his more comedic and high energy characters. This is a new type of performance for him, showing that he is more versatile than we ever knew. He uses a deep and dark register in his voice, which is a new approach than what people are used to.  

It then cuts to the army of penguins, who were characters from the game Super Mario 64 which was on the Nintendo 64. King Penguin is voiced by Khary Payton who is known for his work in “The Walking Dead” and “Teen Titans Go!”. He lets out a shriek which signals his army of penguins to attack Bowser with snowballs. This seems grand but it then cuts to their snowballs sadly not phasing Bowser in the slightest. Payton’s performance feels silly because it is a cute blue penguin with a deep and intimidating voice. However, it is perfect for the tone that the movie is trying to create.  

Then, Bowser proceeds to easily defeat the penguin army, setting up the main problem for Mario in this story. It then cuts to Mario slamming into a mushroom, yelling. He seems confused about where he is. Mario is voiced by Chris Pratt who is known for his work in “Jurassic World,” “Parks & Rec” and “Guardians of the Galaxy.” There was a lot of skepticism about how he would do in this role. This ended up being completely rightful, because it sounds as if he did not even try. Pratt does not even attempt at some form of an Italian accent for the Italian character. Not even a New York-style Italian accent.  

This is disappointing because one of the main things people love about Mario is his fun voice quips. There is not even a hint that these might be incorporated into the movie. Mario just sounds like a normal American guy.  

Mario runs into Toad who is voiced by Keegan-Michael Key. He is known for his work in “Key and Peele.” His performance includes a vocal register that is lower than the annoying, shrieking voice we all know and love. Though not perfect for the video game Toad, it at least sounds as if Key has tried to have a creative performance.  

To summarize, I feel that this movie might have a chance to be cool. There are a lot of talented cast members that will bring a fun tone to the movie. However, the rest depends on how boring the performance of Chris Pratt as Mario drags the rest of the movie. I will still be looking forward to its release. 

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